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11 Things Your CRM must be able to do in 2021 to optimise sales

Posted by ProsperoHub on September 1, 2020

A CRM Solution can provide your Sales & Marketing teams with endless benefits, allowing them to generate an effective lead flow which effectively brings you customers - but what key benefits should your CRM software have?

To make this easier, we have listed the 11 essential features that your CRM system must be able to do in 2021 and beyond if you want to optimise sales and increase lead flow:

  1. Track website traffic of known leads and prospects, and provide marketing insights detailing how companies that are not in your CRM have been engaging with your website and content. Analyse how may visitors came from paid or organic social media posts, learn which blog topics are the most popular between your target audiences and optimise your content to attract the right clients during different buying stages. 
    HubSpot's 2020 marketing statistics show that businesses are generating on average 470,000 website visitors, 1,800 leads, and around 300 new customers per month. How is your website doing? Are you able to capture and target all the leads that land on your site?

  2. Sales Enablement – close more deals by tracking prospect email opens & clicks, documenting opens & page views and creating tasks for yourself to follow up when one of these activities occur. Get notifications for your most active leads when they reach specific score and contact them when they are ready to engage. The correct sales enablement process provides your team with the insights and resources they need to close deals effectively.
  3. Lead Scoring will enable you to qualify your pipeline opportunities and find the best fit leads for the sales team to engage with intelligently. Lead scoring process allows to prioritise leads, respond to their direct needs, understand where they are in their buying journey and increase the rate at which those leads become customers.

  4. Optimise Sales Time by reducing admin for data entry using AI and publicly available buying insights from social media. Increase productivity by reducing admin! Let sales professionals play to their strengths and concentrate on what they do best - sell.

  5. Support a Best in Class Sales Methodology and qualification process such as MEDDIC. Optimise people, processes and technology to ensure results. Provide your sales team with organised content library about the products and services to help them find the right information to share with prospects.

  6. Be fully functional inside Outlook 365 or G-Mail - deliver tools where the sales team live most…on their email. Create standardised email templates or follow-up email sequences that salespeople could access directly from their inbox to increase their productivity and save time. 

  7. Sales Coaching Tools – make it easy for management to coach and increase QUALITY by reviewing call recordings and email engagement against metrics like time in each deal stage and win ratios. Also provide reports in sales dashboards to boost competition between your team members. The dashboards could include comparing results for different territories, total sales broken down by the sales rep or monthly revenue growth to ensure productivity when meeting the ambitions set by management.

  8. Marketing Must Be Using the Same Platform so that there is a great customer experience for each contact from cold contact through MQL, SQL, Opportunity and happy customer. This also provides sales with an understanding of the marketing journey and effort to create the lead, fostering sales and marketing alignment. Aligning both teams is a huge challenge but it brings huge benefits in generating regular business.

  9. Invest in Customer Success – as with marketing, the CS team must have the tools they need to seamlessly take over the CX from sales ensuring they have all the pre-sale and contract information at their finger tips enabling them to exceed clients expectations. It is vital to have tools to connect with your customers on their time and be able to offer solutions to their challenges when they are ready, not you. A right marketing platform will enable you to identify your customers' end goals and provide you with tools to nurture them and reach them with the personalised messaging at the time of need.

  10. Chatbot & Live Chat Native To You CRM - make sure your customer engagement teams can engage with customers priorities on their terms and in their time. Make sure the chat bots are humanised and relevant, or that they can hand off to a real customer facing person at any time through a mobile app. All this activity must be recorded on the contacts timeline record so that the relevant team can engage and delight the customer or prospect.
  11. Video Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to attract, engage and delight your prospects and clients. Recent years, and especially COVID situation, have transformed video from a one-to-many marketing tactic to an entire business strategy allowing you to attract prospects on one-to-one basis at the different stages of their buying journey. According to HubSpot, Video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by over 80% with 90% of customers saying that videos help them make buying decisions faster.

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