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Market segmentation - key to sales success

Posted by ProsperoHub on 20 September 2012 11:49:26 BST

It used to be a truism that to succeed in selling IT and Consulting services, a company had to ‘get big, get niche or get out.’

Big players sold to big companies. Specialist companies offered specific horizontal or vertical sector solutions. And if you weren’t effective at one or the other, there wasn’t a great deal of hope.

In today’s tough IT and Consulting markets though, it may no longer simply be size that’s important when selling into big companies.

Large company purchasers are showing more and more that they intend to pursue specialist agendas - allowable within an overall strategic framework for the business or organisation - making the effort of selling into them a matter of more touchpoints, rather than less. In other words, it will become more complex to sell into larger organisations, and sales success will be based on knowledge and an ability to respond, rather than simply size.

At INCo, a company that helps its clients to find and understand sales opportunities, it has become increasingly obvious that decision-making has become a task for networks, rather than individuals, and of demonstrable success rather than sheer size.

Neil Ritchie, managing director of INCo, said: “Sales prospecting these days is more about keeping in touch with corporate priorities than ever. IT departments are having to think laterally about issues like minimising expenditure and maximising customer service. And with so many new technologies emerging, there can be unpredictable results.”

“Sales organisations need to keep in touch with the market at more levels than ever before – from C-level to specialist.”

INCo conducts a continuous telemarketing programme to keep its clients in touch with developments within existing and potential new client companies and organisations.

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