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Make new sales as technology assumptions change

Posted by ProsperoHub on 04 May 2013 11:53:37 BST

Sales opportunities open up when technologies change Sales opportunities open up when technologies change

A few years ago, the thought of moving away from a PC-based office model was almost unthinkable.

Now, there seems to be an equally strong shift away from the idea of the static office worker and the business tool we’ve all used for years. The evidence for that statement comes in PC sales, down 14% in the first 3 months of the year, according to IDC; or over 11% if you prefer your analysis from Gartner Group.

Why is this happening?

First, business conditions mean that companies are making savings wherever they can, and a lot of the things that their workers do can be done via the cheaper tools they prefer – often a tablet and a smartphone.

The mobile revolution means that business people on the move can stay in touch effectively using those tools, and that means whether they are travelling to Newcastle or to the meeting room on the 8th Floor. Meetings work better when enabled with Bring Your Own Device technology.

Analysts agree that mobile devices are often better at accomplishing common tasks. "Consumers are migrating content consumption to connected devices, such as tablets and smartphones," said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner.

BGC financial analyst Colin Gillis has much the same view. "It's all about mobile computing now."

But this step-change in the way business works is providing many opportunities – for systems integrators, for consultancies with a track record, for app developers and for vendors and implementors of many enabling technologies.

Sales specialists at INCo, who develop and qualify sales opportunities for clients know that when technology changes, companies look to make a leap into the future and out-flank their competitors.

“This is exactly what is happening right now. Businesses are looking for guidance on adding to productivity and competitiveness, and they need advisors who can tell them how, as well as the components to do it,” said Neil Ritchie, managing director at INCo.

INCo’s contacts with the market are unrivalled. “We can pinpoint specific opportunities in key markets faster than in-house sales teams. We can also provide a broader picture of market dynamics,” commented Neil Ritchie


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