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After the Productivity-less Recovery, the Sales Opportunity

Posted by ProsperoHub on 24 June 2014 14:21:50 BST


The retail mix requires an increasing concentration on technology
Skilled people are getting scarce: now companies are looking to technology for gains.

It has been a tough environment for most businesses since the banking crisis of 2008. The shock to the economy was a big one and it is only now that many firms are getting back to the turnover levels of the peak just before the crash.

With real incomes still below the level of that period, jobs are being created, but the increase in earnings that should happen as unemployment rates fall hasn’t yet been seen.

Productivity levels are low too, and even the Bank of England seems confused that productivity has failed to recover as might have been expected. Up to now perhaps, hiring people has been seen to be less expensive than investing in new IT systems and attempting to improve productivity through efficiency savings. (http://www.cityam.com/article/1402537856/britain-s-economy-has-turned-giant-job-creating-machine)

Perhaps too, there have been too many technology advances recently for companies and government organisations to realise exactly what the potential might be. It has taken a while for business to catch up, but now – according to analysts at Accenture and elsewhere - social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies are being woven into the next generation of business strategies across every industry.

Enterprises are embracing technology in the way they do business and also as a catalyst to create something new — new markets, new products, and new areas of growth and revenues. That is bringing big opportunities, for consulting, IT and telecommunications companies, especially if companies can establish a presence at C level.

It is just this kind of activity that INCo can help with. We assist companies in maximising sales opportunities, establishing a sales presence where it is most relevant, and finding the business leads that result in sales growth. If any of these areas are an issue for your company as you seek to expand, please do get in touch with me. Neil.ritchie@inco-online.com