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Improving sales performance – short-term and long-term

Posted by ProsperoHub on 28 May 2015 11:27:00 BST

Every sales manager, director or CEO knows that there are two vital tasks in improving sales. There is the short-term need that can happen every now and then, based on every company’s requirement to keep quarterly performance on track. And then, there is the long-term sales strategy that needs to be developed, based on current clients and an ability to know and respond effectively to their growing demands, and on knowledge – what market opportunities are likely to emerge over time, and effective communications with those who are likely to affect or control those opportunities.


Outsourcing sales - short- or longer-term - looks complex, but can be central to sales success
Outsourcing sales - short- or longer-term - looks complex, but can be central to sales success

At first sight, it may be that the idea of outsourcing either of these two tasks would effectively detract from likely success.

At INCo though, our experience in working with both leading and emerging companies in the tech sector (IT and consulting firms) shows that idea to be incorrect. We can help with both short-term and long-term effectiveness, and provide market knowledge that is central to longer term planning. And all of this is complementary – not competitive – with current in-house sales and planning functions.

In one scenario, it’s easy to see how this works. A company needs to ramp sales up quickly. Outsourcing to INCo provides a fast means of introducing the company and its products and services to potential users.

But take an established company, selling consulting services at a high level. What on earth could INCo do here?

Well, our experience shows that consulting firms struggle to maintain a focus on high-level prospecting as competing priorities call on their time. In our view, it is vital to a long-term strategy designed for sales success to maintain an ongoing contact with the market, especially in the C-Suite. Even with the most successful portfolio of existing clients, any consulting or IT firm should be aiming to improve long-term share of market, to attract more ‘banker’ clients that it can farm in the future.

INCo is uniquely set up to respond to this need. Our track record of targeting into CEO, CFO, CIO and board director level accounts is second to none, and built on our ability to talk business as well as technology.

If your company needs help, either for a short-term sales boost, or to build a longer term strategy (or perhaps both!), then maybe we should be talking. Please do get in touch with me, neil.ritchie@inco-online.com to find out more.

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