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30 Days in the Life of a New Business Development Consultant

Posted by ProsperoHub on 13 May 2016 15:30:00 BST


My background in sales began with Kwik Fit, working in Car Insurance Sales where I was based for the last 7 years. During this time, working in both Inbound and Outbound Sales, I spent four years managing my own team and after consistently exceeding my targets, I decided needed a change in my life. I was given the opportunity to become a Business Development Consultant as part of the INCo team, and decided to take the plunge.

When I first joined the company I was quite unsure of the role as this was a complete change from my previous job. The work was specific to the IT industry, which I was not used to, but I was up for the challenge. First thing, I met with Jon and Lauren who made me feel at ease.

First Impressions

My first day I started at 10am and I met with Employee Experience Manager, Martin, who was very welcoming and supportive. When I walked into the training room there was only one other person there which was very different for me as I use to a room full of people all training together and getting to know everyone.

I was introduced to Bruce who I would be training with and after speaking to him I got very nervous as he had a lot of experience selling IT products. When we broke for lunch I was shown around the main floor and I was surprised to see so few women working in the office but I quickly found my feet as everyone was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. On my second day I began call listening with Alexis Gray who was very helpful in explaining the role and what was expected. This also helped me to understand and see first-hand how calls are made at INCo and the processes the company follows. I was then introduced to Gavin my Team Leader and I could see he would be very supportive and I knew this was this place I wanted to work.

Initial Challenges

Working with INCo I realised that I could definitely see a future here, even with the daily challenges calling prospects, finding opportunities and working with different people on the phone. This was totally different from my previous job as I was used to getting six leads a day, but  I was now working across multiple campaigns with very different qualification needs . This change really helped me understand my role especially building up my contact list and pipeline. 

Sales Begin

After my first week with INCo I quickly exceeded my target, and as a result of this I was given the Employee of the Week title. This, combined with working with colleagues who made the start of my INCo journey incredible and made me feel right at home straight away was a huge help as I was really nervous. I can definitely see my future at INCo for as long as they will have me. I have never worked for such a great company, that have already helped me exceed my own ambitions, while creating new ones. With INCo, I see myself continuing to improve my personal training and building my career.

Business Development Consultant 
Kirsty Keenan

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