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Building a Digital Marketing Strategy for Accountancy Firms

Posted by ProsperoHub on May 21, 2020

Accounting has evolved dramatically in recent years and for modern accountancy firms marketing has become an essential part of daily business activity. If there’s one thing any accountant can agree on, is that numbers don’t lie and with 60% of purchasing decisions being made by clients/prospects prior to calls or meetings, are you making the correct digital impression?

You may feel you have successfully covered your marketing bases, you have a website with relevant information, and send the occasional email blast to your clients. However, the truth is most firms are actually missing out on crucial opportunities to target and attract new clients through effectively and efficiently utilising their marketing tools.

To optimise your results, your firm should consider creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy. We do, however, fully understand marketing won’t necessarily be your area of expertise, which is where we step in. Take a look at our infographic below outlining 7 steps your firm can follow and put into practice, as part of your current and/or future marketing strategy to engage more effectively with your clients and prospects and grow your business:

ProsperoHub - Digital Marketing Strategy for Accountancy Firms - Infographic-1

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