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Managing Inside Sales in Global Tech Companies

Posted by ProsperoHub on 23 April 2019 15:55:26 BST

According to research conducted by Forbes Technology Council, three of the top goals of global technology organisations relate to educating the market about new technologies, preparing for changes in the sector and scaling for expansion into larger markets.

With global tech companies jostling for market share and competing for revenue streams from emerging technologies, what is the most effective way to grow relationships within existing accounts, whilst continuing to generate leads and win new business at the same time? 

Most of these companies rely on a growing sales pipeline in order to thrive, and the Inside Sales function is essential to enable sales teams to achieve their growth targets and increase global market share.

Inside Sales Teams Role

Working alongside the sales and marketing teams, the Inside Sales role is mainly adopted to qualify leads generated by the marketing team and nurture prospects along the sales cycle before passing to sales as an active opportunity.

Inside Sales has evolved with advances in technology that enable a team to connect with more leads and have smarter conversations based on real-time contextual prospect data - Inside Sales often offers a leaner, more automated approach than Field Sales.

Within a global tech company, the Inside Sales Team supports superior sales collaboration and is a large contributor to the overall sales pipeline and company revenue.

Managing an Inside Sales Team - The Challenges

For global tech companies, scaling an Inside Sales team across multiple geographies, languages and offerings is a challenge. In addition, recruiting and maintaining skilled resources within that team is a constant struggle – especially if the organisation’s headcount budget has shrunk, which can often be the case.

Retention and motivation of staff and the overall management of the team is extremely time consuming and can put added strain on sales and marketing leaders. Often, the Internal Sales team is spread too wide - this can be a particular issue in the EMEA region, where sourcing or maintaining multi-lingual ISRs is required.

GDPR is also creating challenges for Inside Sales teams in large corporates, with additional restrictions being added by internal legal teams which are impacting performance. This has seen some tech enterprises removing outbound marketing activities altogether, or trying to fill the void with increased inbound, paid media and content syndication, which has reduced the quality of leads being fed to the sales team.

The Solution

For a global tech company, overcoming these challenges is crucial to obtaining maximum value from their Inside Sales team and to ensure revenue goals are achieved. More and more companies are choosing to outsource elements of their Inside Sales function to address resource and performance challenges.

For organisations with reduced headcount budget or limited management bandwidth, a dedicated outsourced Inside Sales service can be a valuable resource.

Organisations choosing to adopt INCo’s Inside Sales team benefit from the experience of B2B sales professionals, capable of presenting complex value propositions to senior decision makers and qualifying sales opportunities to specific lead criteria, often delivering results that far outweigh those of internal teams.

Outsourcing can open the door to opportunities that were not on the radar before, as new and innovative approaches are used to contact, nurture and qualify leads. Outsourcing can also address an urgent need to grow the sales pipeline in a much shorter timeframe than recruiting, training and supporting new in-house teams.  

INCo’s Inside Sales team is equipped with best in class Sales Technology that enables performance improvement, real-time and granular visibility, internal integration and increased productivity.

Take a look at how INCo’s Inside Sales services enable many global tech companies to grow their sales pipeline and increase revenue.