Five Top Tips to Improve Lead Flow for Accountancy Firms

ProsperoHub-eBook-Five Top Tips for Lead Flow for Accountancy Firms

These 5 tips can provide an extra boost to your marketing and lead generation efforts.

Whether you’re an established accountancy firm with a huge client base, or you’re an accountant that is just getting started, these tips can provide an extra boost to your Marketing and Lead Flow efforts.

  4. EMAIL

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Great content attracts an audience. With an audience, you can generate leads. Once you’ve captured those leads, you can market your firm’s services to generate new business. Content also improves your search engine rankings. Ongoing, indepth, valuable articles and blog posts can be the quickest path to a surge in traffic, leads, and new clients. For your content to generate as many leads as possible, you should plan to include at least two primary types of content:

i) Traffic generating content
ii) Lead generating content

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Creating Content 

The first hurdle, and where many accountancy firms get stuck… is simply creating the
content. Where to start? What to write about? How to write about it. HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator Tool is a useful place to start and it’s free:

Other ways could be looking at LinkedIn groups, forums, to see what common challenges or questions your target market faces, and then putting that into a blog post.


Now that you’ve created the content, you need to distribute it. This includes sending to your
prospects and clients, any relevant bloggers, publications, co-workers and sharing on social media – get it out there!

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Social Media

Social Media can be a helpful and a low-cost source for Lead Flow, however, the key is using it strategically for Lead Flow.

LinkedIn - lead flow
Twitter - lead flow
Facebook - lead flow


Email Campaigns - To your prospects and clients.

Communicating with your target market is crucial and many accountancy firms will do this, but perhaps not consistently enough. Whether it’s a newsletter or a series of emails, the messaging and content must resonate with your audience and provide value. Nurturing both your clients and prospects with regular useful email communication ensures your firm is at the forefront of their minds

Signatures - Creating a basic email signature can be a nice (and simple) way to encourage and promote your content or services.

Having a call to action (CTA) which links to an e-book, white paper, or recent blog post, takes a random email and turns it into a valued-added email where someone can start interacting with your content and Marketing material.

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Calls to Action (CTAs)

CTAs should send your website visitors to a landing page where they can receive a specific offer or download content.

Don’t use CTAs to drive people to your homepage. Even if your CTA is about your brand or services (and perhaps not an offer like a download), you should still be sending them to a targeted landing page that’s relevant to what they are looking for and includes an opt-in form. If you have the opportunity to use a CTA,
send them to a page that will convert them into a lead.

Live Chat/Chatbot

Can be incorporated into your website so you are able to chat with visitors, prospects and customers in real time. This functionality enables you to easily connect with your website visitors, to turn them into leads.

Title Tags

Can be incorporated into your website so you are able to chat with visitors, prospects and customers in real time. This functionality enables you to easily connect with your website visitors, to turn them into leads.

A website title, or title tag, is an HTML element that specifies the content of a webpage - Title tags are used in three key places - search engine results pages (SERPs), web browsers, and social networks. If you scroll over the “tab” of your website, the text that appears is considered your “title tag”. Having a good title tag certainly doesn’t guarantee a top spot in Google but having a poor title tag will make it extremely hard to get there. Some tips include:

  • Watch your Title Length - if your title is too long, search engines may cut it off
  • Don’t overdo SEO keywords - avoid titles that are just a list of keywords, or repeat variations of the same keyword
  • Give every page a Unique Title - this helps search engines understand your content is unique and valuable
  • Put important keywords first & take advantage of your brand - if you have a strong, well-known brand, adding it to your titles may help boost click-through rates


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