Are you considering replacing your CRM solution or currently using HubSpot but feel like you could be doing more with it? You have a great team but they are not adopting your sales processes or your CRM to its full potential?

ProsperoHub's CRM+ SaaS offering provides you and your team with the knowledge, data software and ongoing support you need to win more business. You will gain insights into industry best practices, strategic development, data management and much more.

Strategy Development

When implementing a SaaS CRM solution, it is a common mistake to download it and expect growth, efficiency and productivity to increase almost instantly. Unfortunately, as powerful as CRM's are, they are just tools and they are only as effective as the strategies they are designed to execute.

That is why the first component of our service is to help define how you will implement and use the system to align your business for growth. One of our ProsperoHub Strategists will collaborate with your business to understand who you are, how you do things and who you sell to. Delivering a strategy that is truly tailored to best serving your people. 


Why HubSpot?

As Platinum Partners, we are experts in the HubSpot platform! 

HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM, Sales, Marketing and Service platform built to help you grow better as a business. The platform empowers your customer facing teams to collaborate seamlessly and provide a stellar customer experience. 

This unique platform means that your Sales, Marketing & Services departments can work together hand-in-hand and create a seamless flow of leads delivered to the desktop of your key sales people. When implemented properly, HubSpot offers endless benefits to your organisation, which is why it is the number 1 choice for CRM platforms for businesses today. 

Data Blue Background

Data Management

One of the leading causes of frustration with CRM, is having a system filled with poor and irrelevant data. ProsperoHub keeps your data accurate and relevant, ensuring you can engage with your target market.

In a survey of 1,200+ participants, only 24.8% of respondents said they have confidence in their current CRM data.

Unfortunately, as important as data is to maintain, it is also one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks associated with managing a CRM.

ProsperoHub will provide an initial data audit that will quality check and cleanse your current CRM data, removing any contacts that are inactive or irrelevant. Going forward, your monthly subscription will provide you with new GDPR compliant prospect data, that will be imported into your CRM database automatically, as well as continuous monitoring and removal of any data degradation.

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HubSpot Reporting

Often businesses struggle to determine if they are using their CRM effectively until it is too late. One of the most popular CRM reporting features that HubSpot offers are visual dashboards!

Being able to track not only business performance but also individual task productivity can be empowering in highlighting how well you are performing and providing insights into why. However, this data is only as powerful as your interpretations and the actions you take from it!

Each ProsperoHub client will be assigned a CRM Analyst who will create and monitor customised dashboards on key metrics, monitor employee productivity and provide recommendations on how you can improve your CRM adoption. 

At ProsperoHub, we can help you with reporting and analytics of various different elements:

  • Website Analytics
  • Social Performance
  • Email Marketing Results
  • Overall Campaign Statistics
  • Lead Analysis
  • Lead Scoring
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