Get Your HubSpot Academy Questions Answered

New to HubSpot? Have a simple question about it's features and can't find a quick answer or have no time to watch HubSpot Academy videos? We can help!

If you are wondering how to best apply HubSpot's tools in your daily sales and marketing processes, you can now submit your question and our team at ProsperoHub will send you a video answer within 24 hours. We can help you with any technical questions about HubSpot, including:

  • How to connect your email accounts?
  • How to create a meeting link?
  • How to connect social accounts?
  • How to create and edit sequences?
  • How to set up a campaign?
  • How to add or  remove users?
  • How to create and send templates?
  • How to  A/B test your email?

You might also find your answer in our 60 Second Series Video Library which has a number of useful videos to help you take advantage of key HubSpot's features.

So if you are stuck and not sure 'how to' connect your domain to HubSpot or create workflows, submit the form below and we will get back to you with a short video guide. Speed up your HubSpot processes with ProsperoHub.


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Why ProsperoHub?

At ProsperoHub we understand how to use HubSpot as a solution to grow your business! As a HubSpot Sales and Marketing Diamond Solutions Partner, and one of only two on-boarding partners in the UK & Europe, we know how to set up a HubSpot portal for success.

Our experts have hands-on experience with the development and execution of building a lead flow that will drive growth!