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What is Lead Flow?

Lead Flow is the term used to explain the steady flow of leads coming into a business - typically the lead conversion path to convert website visitors into leads.

This relates to the output of a strategic plan that considers both the tactical short and long terms campaigns designed to generate more leads for your business. 

Why is it important?

Why is Lead Flow important?

A consistent Lead Flow is crucial for your business to continue generating revenue at a steady pace. 

Lead generation software tools like chatbots, pop-ups, or slide-in banners helps turn your website visitors into leads immediately, providing your sales and marketing team with more opportunities to convert.


Do I need lead flow strategy?

Do I need a Lead Flow?

If you're concerned your sales and marketing teams are working off-the-cuff to generate leads, a strategy is required to ensure these activities don't die out in the long term. Optimising your website plays a key part here.

Outlining both short and long term strategies for automated campaigns, like pop-ups and social ads, means your teams can work on the activities that contribute more revenue, while still generating opportunities for your business in the background. 

What are the benefits of a Lead Generation Strategy?

A steady Lead Flow tactics is a more streamlined and flexible way to convert your website visitors into business leads and then long lasting customers. Without a consistent Lead Flow & generation strategy, your sales and marketing teams cannot build on their existing campaigns and processes to attract new business.

Find the best match

Automate the legwork

Do you wish your sales and marketing teams could spend less time managing leads and analysing data to spend more time selling? Automating your Lead Flow activities empowers them to do just that.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity and profit

With Lead Flows operating in the background, your teams have more time on their hands to focus on more revenue driven campaigns, or having valuable conversations with prospects. 

Drive more profit

Simple process

Lead Flows combine your CTA, form and deliverable into one unobtrusive widget on your page, and with HubSpot's CRM, you can easily access the results and information in one dashboard for ease.

How can I implement a Lead Flow Strategy?

At ProsperoHub, our experts will work with you to redesign your website and pipeline management processes for a consistent Lead Flow. We can help you generate more opportunities in the background, so your teams can focus their attention on the activities that matter. 

Whether you're new to Lead Flows, or want more insights into how your existing campaigns are performing, we can support you and transform your website into a lead generating machine. 



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