Lead Flow & Generation


What is Lead Flow?

Lead flow is the term used to define the plan of action for a potential buyer who becomes a lead, and how they progress through the sales funnel. 

Lead flows can be used to convert potential customers into real business leads.

Why is it important?

Why is Lead Flow important?

Developing a seamless lead flow is essential to the success of your sales team.

Without it, they could be wasting time with contacts who have no intention of buying from them - increasing the amount of time it takes to secure new business. 

Do I need lead flow?

Do I need a Lead Flow?

In order for your sales department to succeed, both marketing and sales teams should be aligned to the same objectives. This will help you to transform your lead flow into one that is more actionable for your business. 

If you're concerned that marketing and sales are not aligned, and you want your sales team to focus on prospects who are more likely to convert, then a suitable lead flow should be seriously considered.

What are the benefits of a Lead Flow?

Your business benefits directly from an improved lead flow, because it prioritises the prospects most likely to convert and helps align both your sales and marketing teams towards the same objectives. Smarter decisions are made, and activities are executed more effectively. 

Find the best match

Find the best match

A more focused and accurate lead flow results in leads who are far more likely to convert, so your sales team can prioritise more beneficial conversations. 

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

With an improved lead flow, there's less chance of leads slipping through the net if they have come from a different department. 

Drive more profit

Drive more profit

With all of your teams focused towards the same goals, the quality of your prospects improves, and the chances of sales converting them into customers is much higher.

How can I implement a Lead Flow?

At ProsperoHub, our experts will work with you to pull together different elements of your business to create an effective lead flow that drives more revenue.

We can also provide support on lead generation and how to ensure high-quality leads are funnelling through to your marketing and sales teams. The more you improve lead quality, the more likely you are to see growth.


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