Marketing & Sales Alignment

Marketing & Sales Alignment

What is Marketing & Sales Alignment?

When we talk about aligning sales and marketing, this is the process of both teams agreeing on a collaborative strategy to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals to generate revenue for a business.


Why is it important?

Why is it important?

HubSpot previously reported that organisations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams experienced 36% higher customer retention rates. They also suggested that sales and marketing alignment can help your business become 67% better at closing deals, generating 209% more revenue from marketing.

Aligning the objectives of your sales and marketing teams is essential to the success of your business, to ensure that marketing is passing on leads of the right quality, and sales can work more effectively by having conversations with the prospects who are most likely to convert.

Do I need it?

Do I need marketing and sales alignment?

A business operating without sales and marketing alignment isn’t just unhelpful for your customers, it’s damaging to your business. In the long run, a lack of cohesion between these two teams can leave you with a dry leads list and no room for growth.

Are you worried that your sales and marketing teams aren't working together? Are they blaming each other for the lack of business being brought to the table? Then we would recommend a strategy for marketing and sales alignment.

What are the benefits of aligning marketing and sales?

Ensuring that marketing and sales teams are aligned allows for reduced friction when discussing the bigger picture, a more customer-centric plan, and improved processes and actions that directly benefit the growth of the business.

Reduce friction

Reduce friction

When sales and marketing are aligned, everyone is accountable for reaching the same objectives. Collaborating as one team, employees are united to achieve.

Increase productivity and drive revenue

Increase productivity & drive revenue

By setting a clear focus, your team can work productively and proactively to meet their goals. More focus on attracting quality leads will increase profit and grow your business.

Be customer focused

Be customer focused

Teams can collaborate to produce more customer-centric plans to secure new business, based on the conversations they have with prospects. 

Implementing marketing and sales alignment

At ProsperoHub, we have experts who are fully trained in bringing your sales and marketing departments together to plan a combined strategy for increased revenue.

We will work with your teams to develop an agreed plan to develop a seamless lead flow, and train them to get the most out of using HubSpot for growth.

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