Account-Based Marketing


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Harness ABM from first-touch to final close

Manage your B2B audience in one location.

Use ABM with HubSpot to tailor your sales and marketing activities for advertising, site personalisation and sales processes. Get real-time insights into how your targeted campaigns are performing and keep tabs on customers engaging with your brand 


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Identify your target market

Target the accounts with the most opportunity.

Eliminate assumption and conduct in-depth research on your best-fit buyers.

Plan your entire account-based marketing strategy around these accounts to increase your chances of attracting them to your brand, delivering a customised user experience that wins their business and keeps them engaged.



Get the right message across.

Advertise directly to your target accounts, without waste.

Drive decision-makers to your site with personalised sales and marketing activities in HubSpot, like email marketing, LinkedIn email sequencing, paid social media, SEO, content marketing and more.



Adapt your website experience for your target accounts.

Uncover hidden patterns from users on your site, and use SEO strategy and paid search to capitalise on user interests.

Use landing pages to lead relevant prospects to the right information and set up lead flows and chatbots to encourage communication throughout your site.



Nurture your best-fit accounts from awareness to revenue. 

Keep tabs on target accounts engaging with your brand by using insights like website tracking to assess how interested relevant brands are in your services, and see how frequently they’re visiting your site.  

Give sales the context and insights needed to take action, so they can maximise their chances of converting leads into customers with automated sales processes, targeted email sequencing, and follow up calls.  

Working together with a collaborative prospect ecosystem, marketing can alert sales directly on which accounts are leaning towards using your services.  



Start a conversation with the accounts most engaged with your brand.

Use website information to personalise your conversation with the solutions and topics users engaged with most.

See more revenue coming into your business as a result of a more focused approach to your accounts.

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Measure reach, engagement, conversions and opportunities.

Get real-time insights with tailored reports in HubSpot and see how your account-based marketing and sales strategies are performing.

How can my business benefit from ABM Strategy?

Account-based marketing allows businesses to adapt a personalised approach to marketing and sales activities to generate revenue strategically. Using HubSpot to track your ABM efforts provides businesses with real-time insights on segmented campaigns, ROI and departmental collaboration. By aligning both sales and marketing to the same goals, your business can increase sales opportunities and prioritise the accounts that are more likely to convert.

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Increased ROI

Get real insights into ROI on sales and marketing activities. Use HubSpot to identify which marketing and sales processes are generating more opportunities for key accounts.


Personalised customer experience

Create a tailored strategy that gets buyers over the line. Build trust with prospects and develop your approach for personalised campaigns and more meaningful conversations.     


Uncover revenue faster

Generate more revenue with sales and marketing aligned, and targeted account campaigns to attract more sales-qualified leads.

Implementing an ABM strategy

Implementing an ABM strategy can be done in a few simple steps. It does take time, but the result is well worth the wait. Download our ABM template below to get started:

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At ProsperoHub, we are experts in practising ABM approach. If your business has an appetite for attracting large business accounts using effective processes, we would be happy to work with you.

Chat with us today to find out how you can incorporate an ABM strategy that attracts large accounts and generates more revenue.


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