Calculate Your HubSpot Return On Investment


Full Implementation of CRM, Sales & Marketing Solution for a Digital First Economy.

Use the below calculator to identify the potential ROI and net financial gain that a HubSpot solution could deliver to your business.

A HubSpot solution implemented by ProsperoHub will improve your current processes and your ability to engage with existing prospects and leads. The upside is even more significant when you generate a higher volume of leads at the top of the funnel, providing more revenue opportunities, and at the same time improve your capability to convert those additional prospects into valuable customers!!!


The below ROI provides an estimate based on deploying the CRM, Sales and Marketing tools across one of the Starter, Professional or Enterprise editions.

ROI Calculator Notes and Instructions:

      • Please complete both the cost removal / reduction top section and the potential revenue uplift lower section. 
      • The HubSpot Implementation costs are only applicable in year 1 - net financial gain is greater year 2 onward.
      • All costs that can be reduced or removed in year 1 will represent the same saving in year two.
      • Current head count costs can be reduced or re-deployed as a result of the efficiencies or built in tools HubSpot provides 
      • To calculate how much revenue you are missing out on due to sub optimal current processes, use your average deal value and number of additional deals you believe you would identify and close if you optimised your processes and deployed a best in class CRM, Sales, Marketing and Service (CX) platform. 

Potential Reduction or Removal of Current Annual Costs

If Old CRM is removed
If current E-marketing tools replaced
If current Landing Page & Embedded Form applications replaced
If current Chat Bot / Live Chat tools replaced
If Social Media Tools removed replaced
If Blogging, SEO, Website tracking, Reverse IP Look up tools removed
Removal or reduction inefficient head count / role

Potential Uplift in revenue

If all current leads are fully engaged and properly followed up – estimated additional revenue
If increase in good fit prospects via website form submissions
If sales team could identify and engage with new & existing prospects that have visited the website
If Sales & Marketing could collaborate more effectively how many new deals would be created, estimated additional revenue
If buyer intent data was captured from all available sources to support sales engagement, how many new deals would be closed estimated additional revenue

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