Reporting & ROI


What is reporting & ROI?

Return on Investment, better known as ROI, plays an important role in identifying which areas of your business contribute to revenue generation and business growth. Get key insights to ROI by setting up automated reports for each department.

Business owners may find it difficult to measure the value both sales and marketing bring through manual reporting. If you want to truly measure productivity, sales forecasts, or email performance, for example, automated reports can provide clear figures on campaign success and profit, to drive strategic decisions for growth.

Why is it important?

Why is reporting & ROI important?

Customised, real time reporting allows you to track the key metrics essential to expanding your business - and it allows both your sales and marketing teams to work towards the same objectives as a team.

With HubSpot, you can keep reports for sales and marketing in one place to determine how their campaigns perform and complement key objectives to contribute to financial success.  

Create dashboards of high-level metrics, or dig into granular areas for individual teams.


Do I need it?

Do I need to measure ROI?

Measuring ROI gives you the power to make strategic decisions on which tactics or campaigns are/aren't contributing to growth.

HubSpot's CRM provides detailed reporting for sales and marketing activities, so you can identify whether your digital campaigns are adding value to your business.

If manual reports are taking too long, and you want to be able to access real-time reporting at your disposal, Hubspot's reporting dashboards help you easily track the outcomes for both departments, to steer your business in the right direction. 

What are the benefits of ROI and reporting?

Get valuable business insights to automate activities like blogging, website views, campaigns reporting, email sequences and paid ads to determine which strategies are working, and which need tweaking. Plan ahead, with the confidence that each activity is positively affecting your business' bottom line. 

More confidence in investment

Confident decision-making

Accurate insights makes it easier to steer your business in the right direction. Once you've identified which activities are/aren't contributing to your business' success, you can steer your teams to work on the campaigns that are producing the best return.

Measure return

Measure return in real-time

Evaluate the performance of projects in real time. Measure results when you want them and base decisions off actual data for your operations.

Data driven insights

Data-driven insights

No more guessing what is/isn't working. Accurate insights to drive your decisions and move your business towards increased revenue and growth.

How can I implement more reporting to assess ROI?

Implementing reporting to assess ROI is simple and vital for your business. At ProsperoHub, we have experts who can optimise your reports through integrating HubSpot, a leading sales and marketing software with an impressive reporting dashboard.

We can support both you and your teams to understand how to measure ROI more accurately to steer strategic decisions for the business.


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