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What is an Onboarding process?

Customer on-boarding, or SaaS on-boarding is related to the process users go through when they become a customer to a new product or service.

In this event, it's the process of introducing you to the power of HubSpot.

At ProsperoHub, as an Official HubSpot On-boarding Partner, we take you through the exact same objective based onboarding programme you would receive directly from HubSpot.

This programme will help guide you through the platform and align it to your business goals so that you can demonstrate ROI as quickly as possible by providing you with the support and knowledge needed to get the most out of HubSpot.

Our experts are on hand to support your implementation team, advise you on Best Practice and alternative use cases & give  your staff a point of contact for any challenges they may come across when learning to understand  the platform. 

Why is it important?

Why is On-boarding important?

Not everyone is digital-savvy, so we appreciate that others may need more support when learning how to use HubSpot.

That is why we offer an in-depth Onboarding process to make sure you and your team are fully aware of HubSpot's capabilities and how it can help them generate more business. Learning how to use HubSpot now will benefit your business in the long run, ensuring you meet the goals you set out to achieve.

Do I need it?

Do I need On-boarding?

We believe the On-boarding process is the most essential part of your journey with HubSpot.

The dashboards are impressive, but there is a lot to learn about using HubSpot. With our knowledge and support, you and your team will benefit from increased levels of efficiency from a more detailed understanding of how HubSpot works, and how it can help you meet your objectives. 

What are the benefits of effective Onboarding?

To get the most out of your team using HubSpot, we need their buy-in too. With our in-depth onboarding process, your team will experience how much more efficient and automated their activities can become, and the increased opportunities they can gain as a result. We'll take them on a journey where they can visualise themselves meeting their objectives, and generating more value and revenue.

Digital excellence

Digital excellence

HubSpot is the number 1 choice for many businesses moving into the digital era. Its user friendly dashboard makes it simple for your employees to manage and automate their tasks, allowing them to operate more effectively.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

With the training we provide, your team will begin to understand the amount of time HubSpot can save them. Leaving them more time to generate new business.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

Our experts understand how important it is to make sure your employees are comfortable with HubSpot. We will work tirelessly to support your team to ensure they have a full understanding of how impactful HubSpot can be to your business.

How does the Onboarding process work?

ProsperoHub digital consultancy are 1 of only 2 HubSpot official on-boarding partners in EMEA. We are among those best placed to guide your HubSpot experience, and can provide you with tailor-made strategies to either start your journey, or improve it to achieve your goals.

We'd be happy to guide you on your HubSpot journey, leading you, like so many others, towards a more profitable future in the digital age. 


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