Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation allows businesses to automate marketing operations, and is the output of a well-thought out strategy using contextual prospect journeys to thoughtfully engage your target accounts.

This is a preferred method for many organisations, because it provides data and insight to improve marketing capabilities.

Why is marketing automation so important?

Why is marketing automation important?

Marketing Automation empowers your team to improve lead generation through strategic planning and insightful tools designed to provide key data and insights. By using contextual prospect journeys, your team can design more tailored campaigns to attract more valuable prospects.  

This would ultimately result in increased revenue for your business and create more transparency for ROI for marketing. Not to mention the level of efficiency digital software brings.

Do I need marketing automation?

Do I need marketing automation?

Are you losing track of what your marketing team does? Are you worried that valuable leads aren't being passed onto sales, or that your prospects aren't relevant enough?

By implementing Marketing Automation, you can ensure that your marketing team are funnelling quality leads through to sales.

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Automating your marketing activities allows your business to offer a more delightful customer experience and it increases your scale and scope of campaigns. One example is through email automation, where your team would have the ability to send behavioural triggered emails tailored to your customer's needs.
Tailor your campaigns

Tailor your campaigns

Delight your customers with tailored, automated campaigns that keep them engaged. Trigger your emails to send based on actions your customers take on your website, for example. 

Increase productivity and drive revenue

Increase productivity & drive revenue

Your marketing team is freed up to work on other tasks, while the automated campaigns operate in the background to push more leads through the funnel. 

Predict and shape

Predict & shape

Shape and ultimately steer customer behaviour. Predict their next move with automated processes. Every interaction provides you more data to influence your decisions moving forward.

How do I implement Marketing Automation?

HubSpot is the leading marketing and sales software designed to automate and simplify your lead flow processes. As an Elite  partner, ProsperoHub can provide a full HubSpot integration suited to your business, and work with you to develop a strategy to ensure you have a simple, quality system to monitor activities. 

As businesses across the world embrace digital software, we can support and train your teams to develop a deeper understanding of HubSpot platform and how it benefits their role, as well as the company. Sales and marketing activities will become better aligned and begin generating more profit.


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