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Removing Manual Marketing Processes with HubSpot Automation

Posted by ProsperoHub on June 26, 2020

You have HubSpot's powerful marketing automation software - great! But are you using it in the most strategic and effective way possible? 

Studies show around 51% of businesses are currently using some form of marketing automation, and that number continues to grow. With your competition (potentially) taking advantage of such technologies, you don't want to get left behind. In this blog, we will show you how using HubSpot's Automation tools can remove those tedious manual processes, so that your valuable time and resources can be spent on more important things - generating leads!

To begin with, the HubSpot Automation tools are far too often mistaken for simply an email automation tool, but this is not the case. The HubSpot Workflows tool makes it possible to automate almost anything in HubSpot. This can often seem a little overwhelming when starting on your HubSpot journey, but it's not as daunting as it may seem.

Having the ability to automate certain administrative tasks that, more often than not, your sales and marketing teams spend a significant amount of time on, can free up critical time in their busy schedules. Let your teams focus on more important things that software and automation can't do - creating effective content and nurturing prospects.

Unfortunately, many organisations fail to realise the possibilities of HubSpot Automation. That's where we can help! Below you will find useful ways HubSpot Automation can help to remove your time-consuming manual processes.

Useful Ways HubSpot Automation Can Reduce Manual Admin Tasks

1. Set Property Value

The ability to set property values means that specific properties can automatically update whenever a deal moves into a specific stage. Not only is it limited to deal properties, you can also select a contact property and update that for every contact associated with the deal that triggered the workflow. The same can be done for companies.

One of the most effective ways to use this feature is with the Lead Status property. Lead Status is a default property within HubSpot's CRM system that keeps track of the progress of your sales teams leads. Customising these options to make them relevant to your sales journey with each prospect makes this feature extremely useful. Default options include: New, Connected, Bad Timing, and Open Deal.

Regardless, using the Lead Status feature allows you to keep track of your prospects before they enter your deal pipeline, and then use deals to track their progress once a potential sale is on the table. Now you understand the Lead Status feature, you can use automation to make your sales teams lives that little bit easier.

Automating your Lead Status to automatically change to Open Deal once your sales team has spoken to them, means they avoid the risk of accidentally nurturing leads who are already leaning towards the purchase stage.

2. Automate Lead Rotation

In many businesses, the Sales Manager will often allocate leads to each member of the team as they find appropriate. However, as you grow and your sale team matures with the growth, assigning leads manually can be an extremely lengthy process which can result in potential leads getting lost in the process. What would originally have taken 5 minutes out of your day, quickly becomes someone's full-time job, but not anymore. Through automating lead rotation you can save significant time and effort.

How does it work?

It's simple, leads can be automatically assigned to HubSpot owners by dividing them up evenly to your selected sales team members. As you can see, in the example from HubSpot below, three sales members were selected as HubSpot owners for a selected campaign. This means the leads are split up evenly between the 3, each receiving 33% of the contacts.


3. Automate Deal and Task Creation

One of the biggest time consuming tasks of your sales teams can derive from creating contacts and companies, logging tasks to follow up on these, and create opportunities. If you could cut this task out, your sales team can focus on selling more.

Through HubSpot Sales Automation, when you select a workflow action you have the options to "Create a Task" and "Create a Deal." When you "Create a Deal," you are able to assign a HubSpot owner, name the deal, choose a Pipeline, Deal Stage, Close Date, and amount. When you "Create a Task," you can set Status, Due Date, Owner, and Description.

Some common use cases of Deal and Task creation automation are:

  1. Auto-creating a new Task to follow up in a few days when a prospect changes stages.
  2. Auto-creating a Task or Deal when you import a new list of contacts.
  3. Auto-creating a new Deal when a prospect fills out a form, such as "Request a Demo", "Contact us for more info", or "Start a Trial" forms.
  4. Auto-creating a Task for a follow up with a prospect or lead who clicks a certain Call-To-Action, views a Webinar, or views your pricing page, for example.

We highly recommend taking advantage of the HubSpot Automation features to save your teams time and effort which was initially spent on those tedious, yet crucial, day-to-day repetitive tasks. Remember to test your workflows before you set them live, and start the process off with a clear goal to ensure your workflows are effective.

Focus on generating leads, increasing revenue, and exceeding your customers’ expectations, all with one stack of tools.

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