HubSpot Prospect Ecosystem


What is Prospect Ecosystem?

A Prospect Ecosystem is an organised process of tracking multiple customers as they progress through different stages of the buyer's journey.

Manage your marketing contacts and companies with strategical data and insights to inform your sales and marketing teams about their profiles, what stage of the buyer's journey they are at, and if they're ready to be actively sold to.

Why is it important?

Why is a Prospect Ecosystem important?

Having a clear Prospect Ecosystem adds value to your sales and marketing team - they have all the information they need about their customers in one place, and a hierarchy of contacts they can market to because they are more likely to convert.

Using Hubspot's intelligent contact database, you can ensure no potential opportunities are missed or mismanaged. This puts your business in a stronger position to understand what stage your customers are at, and which customers to focus your efforts on for a higher chance of revenue.

Do I need it?

Do I need a Prospect Ecosystem?

If customer stages are a grey area now, and your team are following a one-size-fits-all approach, a Prospect Ecosystem will allow them to place a heavier focus on the opportunities that are more likely to generate revenue.

Use HubSpot's innovative contact database to align your teams and add focus to their activities. See more business being generated as result of steering them in the right direction.

What are the benefits of a Prospect Ecosystem?

There are multiple benefits to creating a strategy for your Prospect Ecosystem. align your teams for success, have all your customer profiles, personas and other information in one simple place, and update each contact in terms of their priority and stage of the buyer's journey, to increase your chances of new business. 

Empower sales team

Steer teams toward revenue generation

Provide clear direction for your sales and marketing teams to focus their efforts on the opportunities most likely to generate revenue.

Increase productivity

Align activities

Add more focus for your teams to collaborate on how to convert customers who are further along the buyer's journey than others.

Measure your success

Customer data in one place

Full visibility of information related to your customers, saving your teams valuable time sifting through emails and seaparate documents.

How can I implement a Prospect Ecosystem?

We work with a number of clients who recognise the need to improve the management of their Prospect Ecosystem. With the right technology, you can transform your marketing contacts from a list, into a powerful source of information to generate more business. 

As an Elite partner of HubSpot, a leading CRM, we will work with your team to turn your Prospect Ecosystem into a hub of valuable information to guide your sales and marketing teams. We can also train your teams on how to use it.


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