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Buyer Persona Development 


What is a Buyer Persona?

Buyer Personas are fictional representations of people, usually created by marketing teams to develop a deeper understanding of those who are buying from their business.

Personas help both marketers and sales teams to create highly targeted campaigns and processes to achieve a higher conversion rate and more valuable leads.

Why is it important?

Why is Persona Development important?

Without a fully realised Buyer Persona, sales and marketing teams lack clear visibility of who their target audience is. This process is the foundation of not only your campaigns, but essentially your business model.

Do I need it?

Do I need Persona Development?

If you feel your marketing and sales teams aren't attracting the right prospects for your business, or the buyers they are communicating with aren’t converting into customers, then creating Buyer Personas will help your business to develop a greater understanding of who your target market is.

This will lead to a more powerful lead flow and increased revenue as a result.

What are the benefits of Buyer Persona Development?

Buyer Persona development lays the foundation for stronger marketing campaigns, sales approaches and ultimately, a powerful lead flow.

Through developing a Buyer Persona, your business has a clear understanding of who they need to attract, putting a 'face' to the story. Being educated and informed about your target market allows your teams to show empathy for your prospect's challenges and identify solutions to support them. Through forming key insights on your buyer, your lead flow will become much more relevant and valuable to the growth of your business.

Shared understanding

Shared understanding

Empower your teams to collaborate on effective campaigns and activities to strengthen your lead flow, through a shared understanding of who the target audience is and the challenges they face. 

Shared empathy

Shared empathy

With a deeper understanding of who the buyer is, teams will develop a greater empathy for their concerns and can address them clearly before offering solutions your business can facilitate.

Healthy lead flow

Powerful lead flow

Providing a Buyer Persona to your teams enables them to consider who they are marketing to, if the messaging meets their challenges, refine their audience and generate a healthier lead flow that produces revenue for your business.

How can I implement Persona Development?

At ProsperoHub digital consultancy, our experts have in-depth knowledge about developing strong target market persona profiles for a more tailored approach to lead generation. We will hold workshops with you to develop them, based on your research and our own. If you would like to find out more download our 'Strategy Starts with a Buyer' eBook.

We can also support you by developing a marketing strategy based around these personas, to create a seamless lead flow that increases your website traffic, conversion rates and your revenue.


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