Persona Development


What is Persona Development?

Personas are fictional representations of people, usually created by marketing teams to develop a deeper understanding of those who are buying from their business.

Personas help both marketers and sales teams to create a more targeted approach to campaigns, tailoring their efforts to convince buyer's that they have the solution to their concerns.

Persona Development, therefore, is related to creating a suitable buyer persona for your business.

Why is it important?

Why is Persona Development important?

Persona Development is crucial if you want to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and how to solve them.

Once you have developed the appropriate personas, your team has a clearer target for marketing and sales activities, to ultimately drive relevant leads, and more revenue for your business.

Do I need it?

Do I need Persona Development?

If you feel your marketing and sales teams aren't attracting the right prospects for your business, or the buyers they are communicating with aren’t converting into customers, then Persona Development is the solution to help them develop a more accurate lead flow.

What are the benefits of Persona Development?

Persona Development offers a variety of benefits to not only your team's processes but your business as a whole. Persona Development helps team members share a consistent understanding of the buyer group, providing a 'face' to the story, which allows them to develop more empathy and understanding for your buyer's concerns. Through forming key insights on your buyer, your lead flow will become much more relevant and valuable to the growth of your business.

Shared understanding

Shared understanding

Teams have a solid understanding of who they are marketing or selling to, and can tailor their campaigns to speak directly to their target market.

Shared empathy

Shared empathy

By understanding the buyer, teams will have a deeper empathy for their concerns and can address them clearly before offering a solution.

Healthy lead flow

Healthy lead flow

By understanding your buyer, your list of leads becomes more relevant to your business, meaning the conversation your sales teams are having will be much more relevant and likely to convert.

How can I implement Persona Development?

At ProsperoHub, our experts have in-depth knowledge about developing strong personas for a more tailored approach to prospects. We will hold workshops with you to develop them, based on your research and our own.

We can also support you by creating a strategy based around these personas, to create a seamless lead flow that increases your revenue.

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