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What is HubSpot Onboarding +?

Onboarding + contains all of the above services to ensure you have the basic HubSpot configuration aligned with your business and your core team have an expert at hand.

However, HubSpot + provides clients with 50 hours in total to help you take the HubSpot deployment to the next level. You will have OnDemand and planned access to our HubSpot Experts who will work with you to develop a plan to ensure you get the best from HubSpot in the first three months. 

What does it include?

Onboarding + includes everything you would receive in the basic onboarding but is wrapped into a 50-hour service delivery project. Your HubSpot Expert would work with you to plan the basic onboarding, we would considered condensing that into a shorter time frame if that made sense, and plan what priorities should be tackled with the balance of the hours. The can include your ProsperoHub Team undertaking the set up work on your behalf, freeing you up to focus on your business.  

Some popular areas that we focus on during the Onboarding + 50 hours are- User Training,  Workflow development, Data Segmentation, simple data migration, integration to your tech-existing stack, custom field/property creation, user configuration etc… 

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How do I get it

To ensure you have Onboarding + from ProsperoHub you can either complete the below form, arrange a time to meet us using this link, or ask your HubSpot Growth Specialist during your evaluation of the HubSpot solution to reach out to us and align ProsperoHub with your account for Onboarding (they will be delighted to do that). Many HubSpot Growth Specialist introduce ProsperoHub to their prospective new customers to support both their evaluation of HubSpot but to make sure there is consistency in delivery of your goals from the evaluation discussions through into delivery and go live. 

Why HubSpot Onboarding +?

If you feel that the basic onboarding is not likely to be enough to set you and the team up for success, that additional consultancy and implementation assistance may indeed be for you. If you are happy with your business processes and would like more hands on assistance to ensure your team can set them up in HubSpot then Onboarding + provides you with access to experts that can support your inhouse team to achieve success.



Sales and marketing optimisation with support from our experts, and a framework to improve lead flow with the HubSpot platform:

  • All Features from Hubspot+ included
  • Sales Enablement Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Content Audit
  • Data Support

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