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How to Create a Chatbot with HubSpot

Posted by ProsperoHub on August 12, 2020

Chatbots are a key automation feature on HubSpotenabling you to book meetings, qualify leads, provide instant customer support as questions arise, and expand your one-to-one conversations, allowing your team to focus their attention on leads and more complex queries that require a human touch.  

This user-friendly, efficient way of delivering customer support is fast becoming a necessity for most businesses in our ever-increasingly digital climate, where customers expect access to information and answers to questions 24/7According to HubSpot, 55% of buyers say they prefer to communicate with companies through an online messenger. 

This is particularlthe case for larger businesses where Live Chat with an employee is not possible for every single visitor inquiry, but small and medium sized businesses can also benefit from the advantages that Chatbots can bring. 

Creating Chatbots in HubSpot 

You don’t need any prior experience with bots to create your Chatbot in HubSpot.  

  • Choose the bot template from HubSpot that best aligns with your goals; 
  • Use the visual editor to customise the design to suit your brand’s style, and the conversation to align with your brand’s tone and voice; 
  • Input a welcome message and add questions with multiple choice responses to accommodate the most frequently asked queries your customers ask;  
  • Determine whether you would like your Chatbot to appear for every visitor to your website, or only certain groups such as contacts already in your database or specific segments of your contacts;  
  • Define whether your Chatbot will appear on every page of your website, or on specific pages only. You can also create multiple Chatbots for different web pages. 

Alternatively, you can easily build a bot from scratch using HubSpot’s Chatbot software. 



What are the key benefits of using HubSpot for your Chatbot? 

Elevating both the design of your website and your ability to delight customers, Chatbots automate and scale real-time responses to common inquiries on your site.  

As the Chatbot software integrates with HubSpot’s CRM, you can: 

  • Easily deliver friendly, personalised messages based on information you already know about the visitor; 
  • Programme your bot to pass the conversation on to a member of your sales team when a lead is qualified; 
  • Add contacts to lists and workflows when they meet certain criteria; 
  • Keep track of all the information the Chatbot collects on a contact, as conversations will automatically be synced and stored in your contact records in their timeline, so you and your team are given full context of the interactions that took place and where the contact now is in their buyer’s journey. 

This automation saves your organisation time and resourcesand improves your customer service capabilities, enabling simple answers to be provided to simple customer questions at scale.

However, always prioritise a human and helpful experience 

Whilst Chatbots are immensely helpful in solving small queries and providing information to common questions, it is crucial to remember that your customers are still individuals who will sometimes have more sophisticated problems that require people to resolve. Be sure to include an option to speak to a member of the team if your bot is unable to solve an issue.


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