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HubSpot: Providing Invaluable Tools for your Digital Sales Approach

Posted by ProsperoHub on May 2, 2021

Sales professionals have experienced a drastic shift towards digital-first approaches in recent years and, as a result, have made an additional significant move towards more collaborative approaches with their marketing colleagues.

HubSpot is one of the most popular online sales and marketing platforms available, achieving the number one spot in TrustRadius’ 2020 Top Rated All-in-One Marketing Platform category, and the number two spot in the 2020 Top Rated Sales Email Tracking Tools category. These won HubSpot a Top Rated award for having excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

HubSpot’s Sales Hub provides you with an easy and collaborative digital sales experience – bringing your customer data, campaign data, and processes to one platform. Its sales tools are designed to be user-friendly and powerfully effective, and with HubSpot's automation features you will be able to focus your time where it is most important: on your customers.

New tools, templates, and resources are continually being made to further enhance your sales strategy in the ever-evolving digital world, equipping you with the resources you need to reach, and exceed, your sales goals.

Here are 10 of the key sales tools and resources available on HubSpot today:


1. Automated sales sequences and workflows

With automated workflows, you can set up a series of sales e-mails ahead of time with personalisation tokens so prospects are fully catered to and kept track of, with no room for anyone slipping through the cracks. Queue the e-mails you want to send, triggered by certain actions by the prospect with time delays that you choose. You can also set up specific internal notifications for actions taken by prospects, and add tasks and reminders to ensure appropriate follow-ups are taken. Automated workflows save you time and hassle, and can also be used to rotate leads, create deals, manage all of your data through ongoing property updates, and more.




2. E-mail templates

Turn your most frequent sales e-mails into templates that can be used in automated workflows and sales sequences, or by you and your team when needed. Personalisation tokens are used to tailor the e-mail to the recipient, and the optimisation tool can help you ensure your e-mail has the best chance possible of being successful with real-time metrics. HubSpot provides a library of ready-made templates, or you can design your own from scratch with a plethora of design options. Turn hours of work into seconds with this tool.




3. E-mail tracking

Easily track the interactions prospects have with your e-mails, company, content, value proposition, and more. These crucial insights enable you to assess how ‘warm’ the contact is at that point in time, and what they might be interested in being sent further information on by what they have clicked. Be notified as soon as a contact clicks a link in an e-mail, so you can reach out to 'warm’ leads in an appropriate frame and in a more personal and successful way, whilst ‘cold’ contacts can continue down the automated e-mail workflow without any additional time or input from you. Watch our 60 second series video below to learn more.



4. Call tracking and recording

With this feature, you can line up and prioritise your calls for the day, call contacts directly from your browser, record calls to keep track of previous conversations, and take notes whilst on a call. Your calls are also automatically logged in HubSpot’s CRM, helping you to keep better track of your sales outreach, and removing manual tasks to save you time.




5. Appointment and meeting scheduler

This tool simplifies and speeds up the process of booking appointments with prospects. No need for a back-and-forth discussion to coordinate a meeting time; you can just send your prospect a link to see your availability and book a slot that works for them. Group meeting links are also available so your prospects can schedule time with more than one person on your team at once.


Screenshot (136)



6. Live chat

Communicate directly with prospects as they interact with your website. Build trust and engagement by answering questions as they arise, and provide your prospects with a more personable experience. This feature automatically connects your website and Facebook visitors to the right people on your team, with every interaction saved and stored on the contact’s timeline. There are multiple options for customising the live chat, including designing the look and feel to suit your brand, and automating targeted welcome messages for different segments of your audience or different website pages it will appear on.

Learn more on how to create a chat bot for your website. 💡


Live chat


7. Sales analytics and reporting

Measure the performance of all aspects of your sales campaigns in one place. Get thorough insights into your pipeline that help you to build more accurate forecasts; data from your CRM is used so the reports both reflect your sales processes and show your pipeline’s performance. Define the properties that matter most to your campaign to specifically measure their progress, and highlight these on customisable dashboards. Watch the 60 second video below to learn more. 



8. Pipeline management

Make managing a large pipeline simple by scheduling and prioritising specified tasks with each of your prospects. When adding new deals, HubSpot’s CRM saves time and hassle by automatically populating much of the deal’s record. You can also customise your pipeline to match your ideal sales process, with options to add, edit, and delete deal stages. Assign tasks to your team and drag and drop deals between process stages. Additionally, track the most relevant properties on your customisable dashboards; this gives you a detailed look at the health of your pipeline so you can measure your progress towards sales quotas, track monthly sales trends, and focus your team where needed.




9. Predictive lead scoring

Predictive lead scoring allows you to automate your lead qualification and your follow-up prioritisation. This powerful machine-learning tool draws from the customer data that HubSpot collects automatically, checking thousands of data points to identify and prioritise your best leads, ensuring that your teams are getting in touch with the right people at the right time. Additionally, with machine learning your predictive score will continue to become smarter and more accurate over time, so your lead follow-up process will automatically optimise itself.



10. Account-based marketing

Through account-based marketing, your marketing and sales teams can collaborate from the start to create personalised buying experiences for identified target audiences. This maximises your business’s relevance to high-value accounts, measures your return on investment, streamlines the sales cycle, delivers consistently high customer experiences, and expands your business through account relationships.


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