Optimise Your Website For Lead Flow

ProsperoHub - Optimise Your Website for Lead Flow

Every now and then your website needs a refresh.

There are many good reasons for a website redesign, whether it’s a rebranding, moving into a new Content Management System (CMS), the site is getting lacklustre results or it looks like it was built in 1999.

Eventually, there comes a time when you’ve gathered all the lowhanging fruit possible. That’s when you need a bigger change. Radical redesigns are a great way to transform your site into a beautiful new butterfly.

A redesign can be a huge success – or it could fail terribly. After all, it’s a long and tedious process. That’s where checklists can make your job a whole lot easier - in this eBook we will be discussing:

  • Benchmark your current metrics
  • Determine your goals
  • Avoid pitfalls & audit your assets
  • Analyse the competition
  • Identify your Unique Value Proposition
  • Design your site around Personas
  • Optimise your site for search
  • Identify calls-to-action
  • Create an ongoing Content Strategy

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