The Ultimate Sales Handbook for Progressing Leads

ProsperoHub - The Ultimate Sales Handbook for Progressing Leads

To generate a Qualified Sales Lead that has made it all the way  through the journey from stranger - to suspect - to prospect – to Marketing Qualified Lead – to Sales Ready Lead, is often a lengthy, costly, and complex process.

So what happens to it now?

Well that usually lies in the hands of the Salesperson. How a Lead is handed over, engaged with, followed up and progressed, will make the difference of that Lead turning in to a new customer, or disappearing from the Sales Pipeline somewhere down the line, and written off as a bad Marketing investment.

In this eBook, you’re going to find 10 Best Practice Guidelines to ensure that:

  • Your Leads stand the best chance of progressing through the Sales Pipeline
  • You out-perform the competition
  • Receive maximum ROI on your Marketing investments
  • Convert the highest number of Leads possible.

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