How to improve your pipeline and generate new leads

Your audience no longer wants their attention bought - they want it earned.

Today, your customers are online, searching for answers to their problems. 

Through digital campaigns you can meet your audience where they are searching, and develop a lead generation strategy that not only focuses on value and ROI, it generates a healthier pipeline of more relevant prospects. 

Transform your pipeline by addressing the buyer's concerns through content and data analysis. Below are some of our recommendations to help you build an effective lead generation strategy that will bring both short-term and long-term results.


Added value comes from knowing your audience inside out. This can be achieved through developing buyer personas.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, based on market research about your existing customers.

The crucial part of developing a persona is understanding their goals, challenges and motivations. This is key to understanding what drives your audience to make choices and progress through the buyer journey.

Developing a strong buyer persona for your teams to focus their campaigns towards will result in highly targeted digital campaigns that attract more relevant leads.

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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is a software that stores information about customers and how they interact with a business.

Using a CRM for your marketing and sales activity is a great first step towards success.

But there are CRMs out there that outshine the others, like HubSpot. 

HubSpot provides key insights and capabilities no other CRM can match, including:

  • Recording contact histories and documenting their movements on your website
  • Providing insights on buyer interests and preferences
  • Accessing a wealth of data related to your buyers to develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • Automation for different processes so your employees can be more efficient and productive

With the right CRM, not only can you add value to your buyer's journey, you can refine and align your sales and marketing processes, create targeted digital campaigns and transform your lead flow for revenue growth. 

Read our guide on how to improve your lead flow for customer success below:

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After developing your personas, it's time to develop a content plan centred around their challenges and goals.

Create a variety of digital content to engage audiences who digest information differently, like videos, blogs, whitepapers and infographics. Use tools that provide powerful insights to content, like HubSpot, to identify which forms of content work best for your audience.

Developing digital content is a key strategy to drive more relevant traffic to your website. Instead of self-promotion, you can address your audience's needs and offer solutions to their problems.  

Through creating and promoting challenge-based copy that answers your buyer's questions, you attract quality leads to your website. From this point, these leads can be nurtured by other digital campaigns, introduced to your sales team, and in turn secure more revenue for your business.



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