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How to Speed Up Digital Lead Generation

Posted by ProsperoHub on April 6, 2021

Lead nurturing and generation is a serious challenge without collaboration from sales and marketing.

With a collaborative sales and marketing team and the right CRM, you can boost your team’s productivity, track the process of lead flow between both departments, enhance revenue and keep everything in one place.

Do you want to transform your sales and marketing staff into one effective revenue-driven team? Here are five process transformations that can speed up lead nurturing and generation for your company:


1. Sales Enablement

Arm your team with the best process to nurture and close deals. This can be done by utilising a Sales Enablement process. In essence, this is where you supply your team with valuable resources, and they can use these to educate customers, as they lead them further down the funnel.

As for what these resources are, they can be tools, content, and beneficial information. The more resources they have, the more effective they can be in selling your products or services.


2. Lead scoring

During the lead generation process, it makes sense to utilise lead scoring. For those unaware, lead scoring is where you assign values to each of your business leads. These values can incorporate various different attributes, including everything from how they have interacted with your website to the personal details they have submitted to you.

These values are then usually converted to numerical points. The more points a client has, the more they can be prioritised as a lead that’s worth targeting by your sales and marketing teams.


3. Align sales and marketing

Rather than having your sales and marketing teams working independently from each other, it makes sense to bring them together. By aligning these two teams, they can come together and effectively join forces.

This is one of the most effective revenue generation strategies for several reasons. When both teams collaborate seamlessly with a mutually agreed strategy, the process of funnelling leads and generating sales is more streamlined. By being on the same page, this also guarantees everyone is working towards the same goals. There is no disconnect between your business and customers, and this ensures you have a greater chance of turning people into paying customers.


4. Personalised, targeted content strategy

When the right content is placed in front of the right prospect, you have a much greater chance of generating a sale. As for content that is deemed ‘right’, it’s important you go with a personalised approach. It needs to be timely, relevant, and highly tailored. When your content strategy is targeted to your buyer and the stage of their buyer journey, your content will resonate with your customer base.


5. Account-based marketing tactics

Account-based marketing (ABM) sees your marketing and sales team collaborate, where they craft personalised buying experiences for high-value accounts that have been mutually-identified. This is a focused growth strategy where you can cut out less valuable companies from the start, and then place all of your energy and resources into the clients that matter.

By incorporating ABM tactics, the process advancement is sped up exponentially. You can streamline the entire sales cycle, allowing you to save both time and resources when identifying and connecting with prospects. The result: you can focus more on the cycle stages that positively impact your company’s bottom line.


Bonus tip: Here’s how a CRM helps you do all of the above

Attempting to do all of the aforementioned points is not easy. At least, that is the case if you try and do everything individually. Yet if you use an effective CRM, such as the one offered by HubSpot, your sales and marketing departments are given a big helping hand with all of the above process transformations.

A CRM allows you to gain full visibility, in real-time, of your sales pipeline. You can generate detailed reports on every stage of the sales process, whether this is about conversion numbers or the performance of a certain individual. In addition to this helpful information, HubSpot’s CRM gives you the opportunity to organise data, scale your team, and close more deals.

Your team will also welcome a CRM with open arms. They ultimately help with lowering their work demands while increasing sales opportunities.


Seal the deal with the right approach

Do you want to improve your lead nurturing abilities? Are you looking to increase generation and sales numbers? To do so, you need to take a step backwards with your business and rebuild a stronger foundation. When your sales process has been refined from the ground up, you’re in a better position to find and convert leads in double-quick fashion.

Doing this on your own, however, is difficult. This is where ProsperoHub can help. We have the expertise to put together an effective strategy and execute a digital business plan that will drive more revenue for your company.


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