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The Importance of a CRM Platform for Business Growth

Posted by ProsperoHub on June 4, 2020

Your employees and your customers are important to your business. No matter what your industry, your focus, what kind of products or services you offer, customers are a valuable asset of your organisation. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial aspect for any business, so deploying a CRM platform to manage those customers and any potential customers, is crucial.

Challenges in Business Growth

There are many challenges around driving a company’s growth. Recognising your USP and ‘Go To Market’ (GTM) strategy, setting out the strategy and individuals’ contributions to it, and then measuring that, is just one area many companies need to address.

There is often a lack of knowledge around questions such as, ‘Who is in our market and how big is it?’, ‘What does the market want?’, Why does it want it?’ and ‘Do we know why our clients buy from us? - knowing the answers to these questions is crucial and your Sales and Marketing teams need to be utilising that knowledge to drive campaigns.

Sales and Marketing will typically come up with a number of possible campaigns and activities to drive business growth, but can more often than not, be an unconnected series of “good ideas”.

The process around ‘joining up’ these campaigns and capturing and developing the leads and opportunities generated from them is often ad-hoc and as a result, shows little success.

Empowering your Sales and Marketing teams with understanding and strategy ownership and providing a platform to enable them to collaborate and measure results, is essential for your business to move forward and grow.


CRM as the Enabler

Investing in a quality CRM platform will allow you to effectively manage and engage with all your contact data.

Your customer data, any leads, opportunities, targets and referral sources can be held in the CRM platform which will easily integrate with your Marketing tools. This can not only provide a central resource for managing your lead stages, but a good CRM platform can also provide full end-to-end visibility across all your sales and marketing campaigns and activities. 

This functionality enables you to easily measure ROI as the CRM platform can not only show you the results of sales and marketing activity, but also highlight responsibility across specific campaigns, as well as surfacing any insights from your website.

Storing all this information in one easily accessible platform enables your sales and marketing teams to share valuable information, improving efficiency and collaboration between departments. Having a ‘full picture’ of all your lead generation, business development and customer activity contributes to better internal communication, improved decision making, all supporting sales growth.

Setting the Process via CRM

A CRM platform will ensure you have your process built in from the start. A CRM platform can play a crucial role in driving growth and success. The CRM process shouldn’t be about working harder but about working smarter, and a quality CRM platform will enable you to do this.

Are you thinking about implementing a CRM platform across your business? Unlike traditional Technology based CRM providers, ProsperoHub can provide the implementation, the marketing strategy and the marketing skills to execute the campaign right through to creating a Sales Qualified Lead or a Meeting.

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