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5 Ways to get More Out of Your Lead Generation Software

Posted by ProsperoHub on May 5, 2020

68% of businesses report struggling with lead generation (CSO Insights).

In theory, this should be a much simpler task with a CRM - but if yours isn't empowering your sales team to work smarter and faster, then you could be suffering from just as much friction in the lead generation process as you would have with manual processes. Excelling in the world of lead generation means understanding your CRM as more than just a system for data storage. 

Nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities and businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales at a cost 33% less than non-nurtured prospects. Effective lead generation software combines both lead generation and nurturing capabilities to push leads from marketing to sales, without the friction in between.

Here are 5 tips for getting more out of your lead generation software. 


1) Enhance data management capabilities

A CRM occupied with inaccurate data helps noone. How can your sales team tell the difference between a prospect ready to buy or a contact that needs to be nurtured? Take advantage of your CRM's capabilities and organise your data by creating effective property values that clearly distinguish the stage of your contacts, type of business, job titles, persona type, deals won or lost and so much more. By correctly organising your properties for each contact your sales and marketing teams have full transparency of which contacts fall under their responsibility to nurture or convert. This will speed up the lead generation process and make it much easier to report on. Connect and keep track of prospects and leads throughout the sales pipeline.




2) Amp up sales productivity with impactful task management tools

Track prospects, scale your outreach and build relationships with ease with a Tasks app for your sales team. With HubSpot CRM, you can easily set tasks to remind your team when to make calls, send follow-ups, and track each deal stage as they progress. Let your team create their own tasks, or you can create for them. 

Use task queues to call and email prospects, do social touches on LinkedIn, all without ever having to leave HubSpot. Integrate your calendars and get a live feed of prospects opening emails or visiting web pages, Embedded reporting also allows your reps to track their activity and pipeline progress to keep them motivated. This tool empowers your sales team to perform high-velocity selling. 



4) Align marketing and sales for revenue generation

Siloed marketing and sales teams don't succeed. The power in HubSpot's CRM is that it combines both sales and marketing processes and activities to encourage both teams to work together, allowing everyone to gain full visibility into both areas of the business. When both teams are working in collaboration to achieve a combined goal, this increases a business' chance of generating revenue faster. 


3) Get key insights to website visitors & performance

New call-to-action

If your website gets around 5,000 visitors this month, that's great! But what does it tell you if you're seeing a high volume of traffic but very little of those users are converting? With HubSpot's reporting tools, you can peel the onion on this question and find out more about these visitors, how they're coming to your website and what they're doing when they arrive. Find out which website pages are converting, and optimise the pages that aren't with targeted chatbots, forms, landing pages and lead flows, for example. Your team can even monitor what existing contacts are viewing to tailor their marketing and sales pitches - get real time notifications when contacts or company employees visit. 


5) Gain full transparency with reports and performance management

Create customised reports to highlight the progress of sales and marketing, providing deeper insights on success and obstacles in the business. With HubSpot CRM reporting and sales tracking software, you can remove the manual process of managing spreadsheets and building reports, and therefore use your time more efficiently understanding and reporting on things like deals, prospect activity, revenue forecasting, funnel progression and more valuable activity. 


HubSpot CRM has been designed to support the daily activities of lead and revenue generation between marketing and sales. At ProsperoHub, we can provide you with the tools you need to fully utilise HubSpot with less hassle, more control, and an inbound strategy that actually works to grow your business. 


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