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BASHO Emails – Our 5 Step Sequence [Free Template]

Posted by ProsperoHub on February 4, 2022

If you google the phrase ‘BASHO Emails’, you'll find 2 120 000 results on the global website and 1,910,000 results on the UK dedicated Google search pages.

There are literally thousands of websites with various descriptions, opinions and best practice guides. But after spending time looking, not one post answered what we really wanted to know: what is a BASHO sequence and what does it stand for?

What is a BASHO Sequence?

According to Marketo, “A BASHO email is one that is designed to act as a cold open and get attention by demonstrating that you understand a prospect’s pain and need.”  

At ProsperoHub, we introduce our clients to a simple 5 step BASHO email sequence that we know works. And we know it works because it’s the same 5-step sequence we use in our own Sales and Marketing process.

Using these 5 steps, we have achieved incredible results:

  • Email open rates ranging from 36% to 85% across the 5-step sequence.

  • Clickthrough rates of 5% - 66% resulting in higher traffic across blogs, white papers, social media, and our website.

  • New Clients!

To summarise, a BASHO email is a personalised email that overall aims to get you a meeting with a potential lead. For this reason, BASHO email marketing should be intended for the top decision makers in the business. 

Now you know what a BASHO email is and why you should use one, let's talk about our 5 step sequence.


ProsperoHub's 5 Step BASHO Sequence

A potential lead has just made the first step in showing a promising interest in your product or services. They’ve filled out a form, clicked a link or downloaded some content. But how do you reach out to them, taking their interest and turning it into a fully fledged sales opportunity? Act too slowly and without enthusiasm and you might not seem engaging or concerned about their needs. Come across too forceful and you might just put them off. It’s a fine line between opening a winning conversation focused on their needs and your solution, and securing yourself the title of a pushy sales person.

Email One – Introduction

Introduce yourself and your company giving an overview of your product or services. Using your existing knowledge about them and the content they’ve looked at, identify some key areas they might be interested in learning more about. Finish with a question - "Is this something you’d like to learn more about?” - and without being pushy, let them know you’d be happy to discuss this further when they’re ready “If so, let me know when you’d like to chat more over the phone to learn more."

You’ve clearly outlined what you are offering and how they can take it, but you’ve left it in their hands.

Emails Two and Three – Demonstrating Industry Expertise and Knowledge

The tone of these emails should be engaging and interesting; at this point you are simply a resource – an avenue of further information. Emails two and three should be designed to draw the client in. Offer or direct them to further information or resources they might find useful in their information gathering process – these shouldn’t be highly specific to your own organisation. Use this as an opportunity to show the prospect your knowledge and expertise in the market. These clicks should be trackable and included in your analytics.

Again, to conclude use the same approach as the first email; by asking a question and outlining the next steps.

Email Four – Free Diagnostic or Consultation

Email four is about a free offering but one more specific to your organisation. You’ve been able to track your prospects movements as they’ve clicked through your previous emails and downloaded your content, so you know the areas they are interested in learning more about. While still maintaining a helpful and informative tone, let them know the ways you can help them understand their problems better – offer a free consultation or diagnostic.

Finish the email by highlighting how you could help.

Email Five – The Breakup

It’s impossible to force a prospect to engage with you any more than they want to, and if they haven’t gotten in touch by this point it’s probably best to let them go and focus your efforts elsewhere. The breakup email should outline that you’ve unsuccessfully attempted to get in touch a number of times and that this will be your last attempt, but leave it open-ended enough should the prospect have a change of heart, they know they are still welcome to call at any point in the future.


Get started with your own BASHO email sequence

These emails shouldn’t be long and should always be positioned as an offering of an additional resource or insight. They should be friendly and engaging, while always leaving the next step to the prospect to demonstrate their interest and willingness to engage. BASHO emails aren’t magic and won’t convert all your potential prospects into fully qualified leads, so be prepared to write a few break up emails.

To get started with your own BASHO email sequence, click on the button below and download our Sales Email Sequence Template Pack.

Improve your email efforts with our free sales email template pack

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