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Planning for CRM Success

Posted by ProsperoHub on October 14, 2019


Have you ever purchased a CRM solution only to be left wondering whether the purchase was worth the financial outlay? Senior managers have long invested in CRM solutions who want to grow their business. When this growth doesn’t materialise, many questions are asked about ROI and the cost of disruption in the business.

Most CRM solutions have the capability to support a growth strategy from a sales perspective, some also have strong marketing capability such as HubSpot, however the depth of functionality is rarely the reason for CRM implementations to fail. 

Growing any business clearly requires a robust business strategy that is supported by aligned sales and marketing strategies. Often when CRM solutions are implemented, the focus is placed on configuring the software and training the users - rarely is there a robust alignment to the ongoing marketing and sales enablement strategies of the business. This is one of the primary points of failure when reviewing the growth results achieved post CRM implementation. 

Having a limited sales and marketing strategy supporting the CRM implementation leads to one of the main issues we are all familiar with “the data in my CRM is not very good.'' If we don’t have a clear sales and marketing strategy, we can’t have a contact data strategy, therefore business growth via the CRM project is highly unlikely to be achieved. 

Consideration must always be given to marketing and lead generation when deploying a CRM solution. The modern alignment of sales and marketing both being targeted to achieve revenue, and collaborating around a single platform is crucial. If marketing is using a disparate solution set, which sales does not have access to, alignment and knowledge sharing is unlikely to occur. Marketing investment may not support the sales strategy, therefore impacting both sales and growth results

Executive, Sales and Marketing leadership must ultimately own the delivery of the CRM, strategy and growth goals that the investments in time and money are targeted to achieve. Having availability to the reports detailing the KPI’s across the sales and marketing process is paramount. Often these must be delivered in real time with next action suggestions and supporting information that facilitates positive decision making. Many CRM solutions have dashboards and reporting suites, however it is critical that the correct information is not only displayed, but is pushed out to the leadership team in a timescale that ensures decisions which impact growth are taken within the correct time frame.  

The ProsperoHub team has experience of many CRM deployments from basic contact management solutions to enterprise wide rollouts supporting organisation wide sales, marketing and customer support functions. ProsperoHub has developed a methodology that is deeply rooted in the HubSpot Growth CRM platform. This methodology provides the Tech, Data, Strategy, Reporting and ongoing adoption support to ensure your CRM deployment is always aligned to your growth aspirations, people and target markets. 

ProsperoHub de-risks CRM deployment and optimises the sales, marketing and business objectives by deploying a world-class growth CRM platform, supported by a dedicated CRM analyst who monitors your CRM and growth goals, providing insight and support across your leadership, sales and marketing functions. 

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