Ensure Your Business Can Compete in 2021 with a Digital Go-to-Market Strategy

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Digitisation is not new, but it has never been more important. A digital transformation strategy was once necessary to reach the top of your chosen industry – now it’s essential for regaining your market share and avoiding fading into the background.

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Navigating sales and marketing in 2020

The pandemic has ripped through many industries. For those who were not early adopters in the digital business age, their share in the market had most likely dwindled to a significant degree. Throw in the challenges COVID-19 has placed on all of us, and it’s even more difficult for companies to generate sales in a traditional manner.

We need to challenge – and change – the old model of sales and marketing. We need to go against the outdated approach of siloed departments. This can be achieved with a digital go-to-market strategy, one that streamlines lead flow from marketing to sales. The result: generate business faster and rejuvenate your entire operation.

Incorporating an in-house digital strategy business process poses its own challenges. You might not have an internal team with the required skills or the time to develop effective opportunities. This is why an expert external partner – like ProsperoHub – can be the ideal solution..

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Transforming B2B sales and marketing into a revenue generation team

At present, there is a risk that sales and marketing teams are siloed. Due to being individual entities, they’re not collaborating in an effort to produce valuable leads - the type that converts into customers for your business. If you bring them together with a go-to-market strategy, however, you can break down the walls between sales and marketing. This transforms these teams into an aligned, revenue-generating team.

Once fully aligned towards the same objectives, your sales and marketing teams can cover the full lead generation spectrum. They can develop a full understanding of the buyer’s journey, including every stage they go through – from being a targeted lead up until they ultimately become a customer. With this knowledge, they can establish a thorough inbound marketing approach.

This helps to attract early-stage leads, nurture them, and eventually build a fruitful relationship.

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Putting together a digital go-to-market strategy

For a go-to-market approach, a strong digital sales and marketing strategy is required. A lackadaisical approach or one that skips over certain elements isn’t going to deliver the desired outcome. A successful go-to-market digital strategy needs you to include the following aspects:

  • Know your customer and understand their buyer journey
  • Set your business goals
  • Align your goals with sales and marketing
  • Introduce a lead flow process
  • Encourage conversions by optimising your website
  • Produce solution-based content, targeting persona challenges
  • Create a sustainable nurturing system
  • Gain valuable insights and transparent reporting

This list demonstrates a go-to-market B2B digital sales transformation is far from a straightforward affair. There are many challenges involved if you want to refine and maximise your digital revenue, although the effort is worth the struggle.

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Target key accounts with a digital account-based marketing strategy

An effective digital sales strategy needs to implement an account-based marketing plan. When reaching out to a specific list of targeted key accounts, you need to know how to identify the best prospects and engage with them in a productive way.

To boost the chances of engagement, personalised campaigns are a necessity. They need to play on the emotions of clients and make them feel wanted, to feel as if you’re the best option available to them.

An account-based marketing strategy is also beneficial in building long-term relationships with key accounts, which can lead to new selling opportunities over time.

There are various advertising tactics you can utilise to support your account-based marketing strategy and boost your overall sales for digital marketing,. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google all offer CRM remarketing opportunities, for instance. LinkedIn also supplies the chance to perform an InMail campaign, where you send messages directly to the inbox of members on the platform.

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Steer your business with real-time digital insights on performance

One of the main advantages of digital sales marketing is the ability to gain real-time performance insights. It removes the guessing game about what your marketing and sales are doing. By using a CRM, you gain key insights on not just performance, but also the revenue growth of your business.

You can also utilise specialist client tools to measure account success. More importantly, though, you can see the overall success of your sales and marketing operations. The more you know about each element of your go-to-market strategy, the more you can steer your business towards success.

Overall, these insights paint a picture of how to increase revenue growth. They display what is and isn’t working with your go-to-market strategy. You can then refine the entire process and maximise sales potential.

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