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5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Should Be Using HubSpot Sales Sequences

Posted by ProsperoHub on September 15, 2020

When you think about 'nurturing' leads, you probably assume this role is primarily down to the marketers in a company. However, while automation tools are extremely valuable to marketers, there is similar value when used by a sales team. This is the thought process behind HubSpot Sales Sequence's, a fantastic feature in the HubSpot Sales Hub. It can free your sales team from daily manual tasks and allow them to concentrate on creating more opportunities in the pipeline.

How can these tools enable your Sales strategy and processes to be more effective? This blog post will show you why you should be using HubSpot's Sales Sequences and how they can make your sales team's life more productive.

Why are Sequences useful?

The Sequences feature allows your sales team to automate their sales outreach, keeping their interactions personalised at all stages of the sales process.

While Sequences may appear similar to the HubSpot Workflows tool, there is a big difference. In contrast to Workflows, which a marketer would primarily use, using a Sequence begins when a sales person manually enrols one of their contacts in a highly personalised and specific flow.

HubSpot Sales Sequences allow you to effectively nurture your prospects with an email, at the click of a button. You can schedule when each e-mail template is sent out, and set tasks and notifications so you remain ‘in the loop’ when a prospect engages with your content.

Sales teams have the ability to enrol a single contact, or multiple contacts using the sequence queues features. With this, you are still able to personalise the email contact for each individual, regardless of multiple contacts being added.

Why should a Sales team be using HubSpot Sequences?

Following up and effectively nurturing prospects has never been easier with HubSpot's Sequences feature. To help you understand the benefits, we've broken down the different ways you can use Sequences:

1. Automate your follow-up, and put time back into your day

Prevent prospects from slipping through the cracks, without taking a lot of time out of your day. You can send a series of timed emails to your prospect so you never lose touch. Choose from a list of messages, and enrol a contact right from your Inbox.

Tailor each message, choose exactly when it gets sent, and move on. It doesn't get much easier!

2. Eliciting a response is made easy

When you are hoping to get in touch with a new prospect, and plan to reach out several times over the next few weeks, it can be time-consuming to create new emails every time, you don't want to repeat something you have already said, or even worse, send a meeting request when you have already organised one.

Sequences can make this process easy.

Set up the process once, and don't worry about keeping track of where each of your different prospects are in your process. If someone replies, the sequence stops without you having to do a thing. It's that simple.

3. Nurture prospects over a long period of time

A sales process can often span across weeks or months, and chances are, you will want to be reaching out to these prospects at various points along their journey.

You know exactly which content will be of value to each prospect based on their persona, to encourage them to become a customer. With Sequences, you can create a template which can be personalised based on your prospect's information like their name, company or industry they operate in, and nurture them over time with relevant content.

The nurture process is extremely important. You don't want to 'spam' your prospects, so much so that you lose them as a potential customer. With HubSpot, you are able to build trust and rapport, with the Sequences taking care of the actual 'sends', reaching out to your prospects at the most suitable time over the coming weeks or months.

This helps you effectively nurture your prospects, without spending an excessive amount of time. You are then able to find more leads to continue the nurture process, and so on.

4. Personalisation is not lost!

You will have read how Sequences can save you time, create an easy nurturing process and elicit responses, but what about losing that personal touch? Don't worry!

As mentioned before, with the Sequences feature, you can save your automated emails from becoming impersonal. Use of personalisation tokens, such as contact name or company details, to tailor the emails in your sequence, creates that sense of personalisation to make your prospects feel more valued.

5. Use data to identify the best-performing sequences

Once your sequences are up and running, you can use email tracking to identify which sequences are working best for you.

Open, click, and reply data will help you identify which email templates and sequences are the most effective, letting you optimise the emails which may not be performing as effectively as you would like.

You have the ability to pinpoint your best sequences, share them with your team, scale efficiency, and generate leads.

HubSpot Sequences are just one of the many great features which you can take advantage of through HubSpot's Sales Professional Software. Understanding how to set up and fully utilise the HubSpot Sales tools will enable you to get the most out of HubSpot.

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