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How to Achieve Big Results with a Small Marketing Team

Posted by ProsperoHub on February 8, 2021

The size of marketing teams can vary significantly between organisations. However, that doesn’t mean that teams with fewer people need to restrict their goals – there can be a lot of power in small numbers.  

This is especially the case when your team’s efforts are elevated by HubSpot. The multi-faceted platform can expand your marketing capabilities and outreach efforts, and the broad array of automation tools can function as additional ‘hands on deck’ to complete repetitive manual tasks and free up your team’s time. 

Key advantages to small marketing teams 

There are some unique advantages to working in smaller teams. These include: 

Organisation and ownership 

In smaller teams, keeping track of the progress and completion of tasks is easy as each individual can take greater ownership over a client, campaign, project, or piece of content. As every team member’s input will have a bigger impact on the end result, it also simplifies the management process to oversee what approaches are working wellwhich areas need improvement, and who may need some extra support or guidance 


Communication and teamwork are crucial in marketing teams of any size – but arguably never easier than in small teams. Although larger teams can allow room for more ideas to be shared and discussed, which can be positive, smaller teams allow more time for each idea that is shared, often with more flexibility for trying new things. Close-knit teams build trust, support, and engagement between employees, developing and nurturing ideas together and sharing the workload when appropriate. 

Speed of processes 

main negative aspect of larger teams is the continual and repetitive waiting for approval that can happen before being able to try new ideas or approaches in your marketing. In smaller teams, communication and approval is streamlined and simplified, and often team members are given more authority so permission is not always needed. 




Essential skills your marketing team needs 

Although not every member of the team will need every skill, having the following qualities between your marketing team can make the critical difference between good and excellent marketing approaches – and your return on investment can demonstrate the difference in the long-run. 


Strategists keep their eyes on the bigger picture. They plan, organise, and manage the content produced and how it is distributed, and ensure that your team are always progressing towards achieving their objectives. 


High quality writing is essential in a marketing team. Every piece of content produced – blogs, web pages, e-mails, social media posts, and more – is a form of communication with your target audience, and the chance to make a positive impression and build trust. 


Readers don’t notice when something is perfect, but they do notice when something isn’t. Ensure that your team have a firm grasp of punctuation and grammar rules; mistakes can cause your audience to stop reading and lose trust in you. 


The visual representation of the content can be just as important as the writing. Even the best content will lose readers if the information is cramped on the page with no variety of media, white space, or clear organisation of layoutWith an eye for aesthetics on the team, you can ensure that your content has the best chance of being received well by your readers. 


Using HubSpot CRM by ProsperoHub


How HubSpot can maximise your results 

HubSpot, a powerful CRM platform, can bring a multitude of benefits to your marketing team. These include: 


Automating repetitive manual tasks – such as updating contact lists, enrolling contacts into workflows, sending planned e-mails within workflows, and notifying specific members of the team when certain actions are taken by contacts and require follow-up communication – can all be removed from your marketing team’s to-do list with HubSpot. The software performs like a human, without the error, and assists in speeding up many of your processes so that your team can focus on more sophisticated tasks. 

Templates and personalisation 

Creating visually impactful content has never been simpler than with HubSpot. The platform has an array of templates to choose from, and a multitude of design options to personalise and edit existing templates, or create new ones from scratch to bring your ideas to life. 

Ease of collaboration 

Every piece of content that your team creates can be stored and shared on HubSpot, in ‘portals’ specific to different clients or projectsThe platform’s layout is designed to be as clear and organised as possible, with every piece of content being automatically saved and updated as it is worked on. Never worry about duplicate or old versions of content cluttering up your folders or being sent out by mistake again. 

Free training courses 

HubSpot Academy provides a wealth of free training courses by marketing experts, covering every aspect of marketing and content creation. The design of HubSpot itself is built with an inbound methodology in mind, and this training can help your team fully utilise the tools available. The courses can also ensure that your team are always on the same page, with a thorough understanding of best practices across all aspects of your marketing. 


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