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🎆November: What's New with HubSpot?

Posted by ProsperoHub on November 4, 2022

It has been an exciting month for us in the HubSpot world. Shall we get stuck in?

Workflow Descriptions

You can now add descriptions to workflows! Why is this so great? HubSpot is powerful as a collaborative tool and adding descriptions to workflows is a big step in improving internal communication within and between teams. Why is there a timed gap between these two steps? Why are we sending this particular communication to this audience? Improved communication leads to a collective understanding of how we achieve our goals.

New to HubSpot workflows? Learn to create them with via our 60 second series video: 'Marketing Automation: How to create workflows?'. If you have a more specific or advanced workflow question, you can ask us here.

Currency in Campaigns

As a HubSpot diamond partner, this is something we know our clients will love. You can now set local currencies when creating your campaigns. This feature is available on Starter, Pro and Enterprise plans. Simply set the correct currency you need for your audience in your settings, even if it is different to the currency for the country your business is in.

Unsure how to set this up? Arrange how to speak to our Tech team.

Security Log

Super admins can now access a log of security-related actions taken by employees, for greater security for businesses. Previously, you would have had to export reports for it, but it now lives organically in HubSpot. This information is available for everyone in your HubSpot portal.

This development means that super admins now have visibility into:

  • Adding, removing, requiring, or removing the requirement for single sign-on (SSO)
  • Exporting contacts, adding or removing users
  • Deactivating or reactivating users
  • Viewing, creating, or deactivating an API key
  • Turning email tracking and attachment logging settings on or off
  • Adding or removing email recipients from the Never Log list
  • Performing a GDPR delete of a contact
  • Installing integrations
  • Sending manual registration emails or password reset emails
  • Creating a payment account and updating information, account changes, or sending payment onboarding links
  • Creatingsyncing, or deleting sandboxes.

Do you have a question about security? You can ask us here

ProsperoHub Launches Data Retainers.

You asked, we listened! Our new data-only retainers allow us to periodically clean, optimise and implement best data practices for a small monthly fee, allowing you to focus on what really matters to you. This is added to our existing Tech Support and Marketing retainers.

Learn more about ProsperoHub's retainers here

HubSpot Reveals State of Marketing Trend Report 2022

HubSpot, in tandem with Litmus, Rock Content, and Wistia, has released a new report consolidated the viewpoints of over a thousand marketers. The purpose of the report is to help marketers prioritise their strategies and outperform their goals. There is an entire chapter devoted to the UK, which as a UK-based HubSpot partner, we loved. Make sure you give it a read when you have a spare few minutes.

File Upload Maximum Size Increased

Great news! We can now upload larger files onto HubSpot. You can upload up to 20MB on free tiers, and 2GB for paid tiers. What can you use this for? Principally, this means the potential for higher quality and larger documents, so you can be sure your Library is full of top-quality content for you and your clients.

New Navigation – First Thoughts

Last month, we mentioned we have been trying out the new navigation that is in beta phase. While it has yet to be rolled out to all users, there are several features we love we will tease here.

The concept is that the tools are more grouped by relevance than by the Hub you own. While initially a little jarring, as we were so used to the old navigation, it felt pretty intuitive and a definite improvement within a week.

What we really enjoy is the consolidation of all Files, Documents, Templates, Meetings and more into “Library” rather than hidden away in far corners of the HubSpot system. This means a more orderly and centralised home for sales and marketing materials.

Has your navigation updated? Do you need a new tour and a chance to ask questions? Let us know and we can help you free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you next month for a further “What’s New with HubSpot” update. 


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