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An Interview with Colin Abercrombie, Co-CEO at ProsperoHub

Posted by ProsperoHub on February 1, 2021

Colin Abercrombie, Co-CEO at ProsperoHub, shares his experiences, insights, and advice on the industry-wide shift towards digital-first approaches...

Can you give an introduction to your organisation?

ProsperoHub is a digital business consultancy, supporting ambitious clients in the strategy, data and technology required to optimise their revenue growth.

Can you give an overview of the digital-first approaches that your organisation takes with your prospects and customers?

Our organisation utilises the HubSpot Sales and Marketing automation platform as the cornerstone of our clients’ digital-first approaches. The HubSpot solution is designed entirely around the digital alignment of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, and by employing this Inbound philosophy inherent in HubSpot's design, our entire team are able to remain faithful to a common methodology in digital-first outreach. 

This cross-team understanding is critical in setting and evaluating goals and targets, and in interpreting the results of tactical execution in an aligned, collaborative and constructive manner. 'Trust the Process' has never been a more appropriate expression!

In your opinion, what are the key benefits to using digital-first approaches?

The key benefits of digital-first can be summarised as follows: 

  • The ability to personalise your sales and marketing efforts at scale; 

  • The ability to focus on 'good fit' opportunities; 

  • The ability to record and monitor results more accurately; 

  • At this particular time – simply the ability to reach out to buyers, who may be uncontactable otherwise. 

What have you found to be the biggest challenge? How have you overcome this? 

In general, the challenges are no different from those experienced in a more traditional approach to sales; however, there are a few unique challenges in using a digital approach, as follows:

  • Ensure that your prospect contact details are accurate and current;

  • Ensure that your sending domain is secure and reputationally valid, or you're going to get a lot of bounces!

Our tech and data teams spend a lot of time focusing on these areas for ourselves and our clients, to ensure that we do not fall at these early (and basic) hurdles. If you can’t get your message delivered, then it doesn’t matter how relevant or timely that message is.

What has been your biggest success story using a digital-first approach?

Given the current covid-19 situation, the biggest success for us with digital-first has simply been the ability to continue with business as normal and expand our client base through these challenging times.  

What would your advice be to other businesses in this area?

As the world post-covid is likely to permanently retain many of the working practices and business characteristics that were adopted during this time, there is a need for all businesses to think of digital-first outreach as a fundamental part of their sales and marketing approach. 

My best advice? Get yourself onto a world-class marketing automation platform now – deploy HubSpot in your business as a matter of priority!


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