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The Top 6 Benefits of Utilising RevOps Strategies to Grow

Posted by ProsperoHub on February 18, 2024

Revenue operations (RevOps) strategies use automated CRM software, such as HubSpot, to help teams across an organisation align and make decisions that grow the business.  

Marketing, sales, and customer success teams are brought together in RevOps through a strategy with shared business objectives to get to market, build data, score leads, build buyer insight models and a process for leads to progress smoothly between marketing and sales, and develop a proven method like MEDDIC to target those leads effectively and close deals to drive revenue. 

HubSpot plays a vital role in RevOps, bringing all marketing, sales, and customer success outreach onto one platform and providing a wealth of automation, engagement, and analytics tools to enable the strategy to be delivered to its full potential.  

Below we have collated the top six benefits RevOps strategies bring to your business: 

1. Marketing, sales, and customer success teams are aligned 

In the past, marketing, sales, and customer success teams have needed to rely on separate tech stacks and software, leading to data inconsistencies and communication misalignments. Time was wasted by comparing differences in data and trying to find common ground, meaning that making accurate decisions for the entire business was a slow, error-prone process. 

With RevOps strategies, this process is transformed. Strict silos between marketing, sales, and customer success teams are removed, and everyone in the business can work towards the same goals using the same data.  




2. Streamline work through targeted business objectives

A fully developed RevOps strategy will allow teams across your organisation visibility into the business objectives they are all collectively working towards, and how their role specifically contributes to these overall goals.  

HubSpot allows ease of collaboration between these teams, bringing all team efforts, data analytics outcomes, communications, and tracked customer journeys into one accessible platform. Data is automatically updated as progress is made, removing the risk of confusion and inconsistencies. 


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3. Use HubSpot to its full potential 

With HubSpot, your teams can easily identify who your target market is and segment data, create lists and buyer personas, and tailor content accordingly to maximise success through the most appropriate communication for each group of contacts.  

HubSpot takes the guesswork out of who your target market is and how best to communicate with them. The content and topics of most interest to each group can be measured and tracked, and subsequent communications can be influenced to maximise success as your contacts move from marketing to sales. 


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4. Standardise your qualification process 

An important component for sales and marketing teams to align effectively is in the agreement of what qualifies a prospect to move along to the next stage of their customer journey. With a detailed RevOps strategy and HubSpot to automate the qualification process, one set of engagement parameters can be agreed and inputted into your CRM software so that every team knows exactly how ‘warmed up’ a lead is before they reach them.  

HubSpot also tracks all engagement and communication each individual contact has with the business and marketing outreach, meaning that when a lead reaches your sales team, they can view a detailed record of the entire customer journey so far and where their interests lie, elevating the quality of communication your sales team can have with them.  

This also means that if any issues arise, your customer success team has an immediate view into what a contact has queried and what they have previously been told by other teams in the business. This saves time for your customer success team when resolving the issue: reducing the number of questions they need to ask, removing the need for the customer to have to repeat themselves when speaking with different teams, and enabling a resolution to be found faster to maintain a positive relationship. 




5. Elevate your sales forecasting abilities

HubSpot also allows you to utilise sales qualification processes, such as MEDDIC, as part of your RevOps Strategy offering detailed forecasting abilities for your sales team. This is an essential factor in designing an effective RevOps strategy with realistic goals for all teams across the business to work towards.

Without a measurable methodology, and a toolset such as HubSpot that can be configured to support different forecast models, the process of sales forecasting can be convoluted and prone to inaccuracies. In order for your strategy to be a success, it is essential that your sales team are able to consistently and accurately predict and measure success, qualify opportunities, and flag issues.


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6. The easiest way to drive revenue in a business 

Customer trust is one of the key components to warming up leads and closing deals. Before RevOps strategies and HubSpot aligned business’ communications and goals, organisations risked losing customers through inconsistent messaging and information between marketing, sales, and customer success teams – damaging customer trust and, in the worst cases, the company reputation. 

Consistent, accurate messaging tailored to your customers’ needs is a must to help your prospects move along their customer journey in an efficient way. By using HubSpot and a RevOps strategy aligning your teams and providing one version of data to work from, it has never been easier to continually build customer trust as they become familiarised with your business and speak with your team.  


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