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HubSpot Sales Professional: Software That Grows With Your Business

Posted by ProsperoHub on July 12, 2021

The features and benefits found within HubSpot's Sales Professional license offer a variety of flexibility and control for your sales reps.

For an over-stretched, professional sales team, suffering from a lack of efficiency, not being able to identify qualified leads and spending too much time on admin, HubSpot Sales Professional is a great solution to free up their time to get more prospects over the line. Read below to find out just some of the key benefits of HubSpot Sales Professional, and what's included with the upgrade.


1. HubSpot Sales Professional is made for your growing business

Sales Professional Hub offers a suite of powerful features that equip your team to do their job more effectively. HubSpot Sales Starter is a great choice at first, but your business is always growing. As it grows, so will your sales materials, the service you provide and your internal operations. What was once a simple sales process, now may be developing into something more complex. Having high-quality sales enablement tools available for a frictionless process is essential to continue generating revenue effectively. 


2. Personalise your sales outreach at scale

Your business might be growing rapidly, but this could easily affect the quality of customer service your under-resourced sales team are able to provide.  More importantly, qualified leads could be falling through the cracks due to their increased workload. With HubSpot Sales Professional Hub, your team can put the tools in place to communicate with prospects on a 1-to-many basis, while making them feel like they're getting 1:1 attention.

With tools like sequences, 1:1 video, smart send times and ABM tools, your sales team can cover more ground with less effort, leaving them more capacity to explore potential business opportunities. 


3. Manage a large sales team more effectively

As you welcome more budding sales experts to your business, HubSpot Sales Professional provides you the reporting tools to monitor how your team are performing, relating all their activities back to revenue generated.

Build custom reports and see what templates your sales team are using and what calls they're logging. Your team will also be able to build out custom properties to allow them to keep track of contacts falling under specific campaigns or integrations, for example. They also get the added benefit of being able to stage their deals, setting tasks to specific owners, and lead rotation to make sure everyone is getting a piece of the pie. They can create detailed and customised forecasts based on data from your contact database.


4. Making a sale has never been so simple

Congratulations, you got your prospect over the line and now they're ready to sign it too! With HubSpot Sales Professional's Products and Quotes tool, associating a customer with a product and a quote has never been so easy.

Make use of the calculated properties tool to create fields that roll up data from other fields. Calculate things like commissions and splits, and get digital signatures for quotes. No more delays from printing and sending hard copies. And by associating your products with the signed quotes, your business can easily see which products are driving the revenue. 


5. HubSpot Sales Professional is entirely unique

Sales Hub is a powerful CRM software designed to help your team close more deals, deepen relationships and manage your pipeline more effectively. Scale your customer support, unite your front-office teams and provide proactive customer service your competitors won't beat. Here are a few reasons why HubSpot Sales Professional is so unique:

  • Account-Based-Marketing tools: Get a 360-view into those key accounts to provide your team with a more focused approach. Tier your contacts in terms of priorities and get recommendations from HubSpot on which companies to target. Associate the accounts with open deals, revenue and decision-makers at that business. you can even assign your internal teams key accounts so that you have full visibility on which accounts are being worked by marketing or sales. 
  • Account overview: See deal progress metrics within company records. 
  • Advanced views: Only available to HubSpot Sales Professional users. 
  • Calling: Record your calls and keep a log of them in your contact records. HubSpot Sales Professional users will get access to up to 16 hours of calling, per user, per month. It's a big step up from the 8 hours you get with Sales Starter.
  • Conversation routing: Assign emails and chat conversations to the sales rep that knows the person/company best.
  • Currencies: Working with different currencies? You can add up to 30 to your HubSpot account, making it much easier to report on revenue for each of your office locations across the world.
  • Documents: Want to know how valuable your sales enablement content is? Use the Documents tools to build a library of trackable sales documents. See which pages your prospect viewed and for how long...this is a particularly powerful insight for your sales team to pick up on.
  • Email scheduling, tracking and templates: Create up to 1,000 templates, get an unlimited amount of notifications and schedule your emails to go out when it's most convenient.
  • HubSpot CRM: Get all the features included with HubSpot CRM.
  • Qualifying chatbot: Qualify website leads with an automated chatbot before they get passed over to sales - save them time visiting every enquiry, so they can focus on the best opportunities.
  • Meeting links: Remove the back and forth emails about "when works best for you?". Have your meeting link available in your email signature so prospects can book a meeting without the friction. Add these to your sales and marketing activities to fast-forward to a conversation with a qualified lead.
  • Multiple deal pipelines: Keep track of all your deals and predict future revenue based on how likely your prospects are to close. You benefit from 15 deal pipelines per account with HubSpot Sales Professional. Track your deal flow and improve forecasting capabilities. 
  • Lead scoring: Create rules-based scoring criteria to assess how engaged your leads are with your marketing and sales collateral. Focus your outreach for those leads that are colder, and pass on the most engaged, high-scoring leads to sales. you can also score them based on company properties. 
  • Products: Products is a new object in HubSpot CRM that will be available to all HubSpot Sales Professional Users, Allow your reps to associate their deals with what they are actually selling so you can report on product-specific revenue. you can even build a product library to keep them all in one place and adjust if necessary.
  • Quotes: Generate quotes on products that you can easily share with a prospect. The customized quote is hosted on a non-indexed URL that you can easily send to prospects, leaving your team with plenty of spare time, instead of handling tedious, manual custom quotes. And with Professional, you get up to 100 quotes per deal and you get the added benefit. You can even add eSignatures to your quotes. Do you have a Stripe integration? You can quickly pay any quote created in HubSpot.
  • Reporting: Unlimited custom reports are available to Sales Professional users, and managing it couldn't be simpler - just one dashboard to view and manage your reporting. you could even create one dashboard per each member of the sales team to measure their individual successes. you can track the use of sales templates and calls too.
  • Sequences: Know what works in terms of your approach with prospects? Put it all in a sequence so you can work up to 50 contacts at once, knowing exactly who to call and when, and feeling confident that they will receive the required supporting materials, follow-ups etc. Professional lets you create up to 1,000 sequences, and every user can send up to 500 emails per day.
  • Workflows: If your team want a dynamic sales pipeline with up-to-date information, you can use workflows to automate deal and task activities.  
  • 1:1 video: The addition of 1:1 videos and sequences gives your sales team a strong advantage over your competitors. Record and send personalised videos directly inside HubSpot, and track how your prospects engage with them. 


6. More than just software

In terms of the support you'll receive from HubSpot, you'll gain access to email and phone support, and you can get it in multiple languages.

However, if you're looking for support on a deeper level, ProsperoHub can provide you with a high-level of customer service, answering your questions, helping you develop your sales strategy and supporting your business with inbound sales and marketing. As a HubSpot Diamond partner, our experts will go above and beyond to put the right HubSpot tools in place to help you reach your revenue goals, and get the most out of your current license.

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