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Simplifying Your Data Migration to HubSpot

Posted by ProsperoHub on April 12, 2024

Accessible, detailed data is vital in creating human, helpful, and personalised experiences for your prospects and customers. HubSpot provides invaluable automation and analysis data tools that can be transformative in your marketing and sales efforts.

Yet, a key hesitancy we find businesses have in making the switch to HubSpot is the time and hassle they believe it will take to transfer their database to HubSpot.

This is why our ProsperoHub team are here to help.

As your Diamond HubSpot CRM Solutions partner, we are dedicated to alleviating this stress and guiding you through the process – every step of the way.

We make it easy to migrate your data and adopt the HubSpot CRM system. Our team are experts in helping businesses move from different CRM systems to HubSpot with minimal disruption to their business and processes.


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We follow a four-step process to achieve your HubSpot data migration: 

1. Conduct an audit of your current CRM system and data 

Our team will review your current CRM systems and data in its existing CRM system, identify all data that needs to be migrated to HubSpot, and recommend any data cleansing that needs to be done prior.

2. Design a tailored import strategy

We will design the most appropriate approach to migrate your data into HubSpot. This includes mapping your data to your new HubSpot process, determining the technical approach for migration, and defining the timing.

3. Test the migration

Before conducting the data migration, we will perform a test in HubSpot to confirm that our strategy has no room for improvement, and to ensure the migration will be a success.

4. Perform the full data migration

Our experts will then execute the data migration, setting you up for success with your data ready to use in HubSpot.

Once your data is imported, you will be able to track, measure, and analyse this data, and our team are available to support you as you continue your HubSpot journey.


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What are the key benefits to a HubSpot data migration?

In HubSpot, you will have insight into your prospects and customers’ engagement with your business and website, with all activity tracked in their contact profiles, including:

Web pages visited and content downloaded

Gain a clear understanding into the content and areas your contacts are most interested in. This enables your team to gain insight into where resources are best spent and which content to prioritise in your marketing outreach.

Forms completed

Don’t miss out on expanding your contact database from prospects that find you through organic search. All new contact data collected will be automatically stored and updated in HubSpot.

Email engagement

See at a glance which emails were opened by your contacts, how many times, and the number of clicks they performed within the email. Any replies are also tracked with a log of all communication.


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Customer lifecycle stage 

Set parameters for how much engagement moves a contact through each stage of their customer lifecycle according to what is most appropriate for your business. This enables you to create marketing or sales workflows for contacts to be enrolled in when they reach a certain lifecycle stage, or set up internal notifications to signal when contacts are ready to be sold to directly by your team.

Once this foundation is in place, HubSpot will do the rest! The CRM software automatically updates a contact’s customer lifecycle stage as they engage with your content, website, and contact your team, and will enrol them in applicable workflows or trigger set notifications as needed.

Create buyer personas 

According to HubSpot, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. With contact data collected and stored in HubSpot, you can elevate your strategies and outreach by tailoring them specifically to the most effective ways to engage specified groups within your target audience.


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