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Scale Your Business with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Enterprise

Posted by ProsperoHub on March 10, 2022

Scaling your business is more than just growth; it demands flexibility, adaptability, and versatility, enabling your business to expand, as well as overcome potential obstacles it may face. 

As your business grows, the capacity of workload increases, and so does the pace of delivery. To ensure your business remains competitive, you need to equip your marketing and sales teams with the resources they need to complete their tasks. That's why HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Enterprise is essential. 

The expectation of quality is more demanding the more successful you are, so ensuring that your marketing and sales team can deliver all the time, every time, is essential. Therefore, HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise is a key tool to have as part of your marketing and sales team's arsenal. In addition, the enterprise package helps support your business in every aspect, enabling you to scale your business accurately with an easy-to-use and wide selection of features compared to its counterpart, Marketing Hub Professional.

This blog will explore the key tools that are included within HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise that can help scale your business:

Key tools to use in HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise:

Account-based marketing 

According to HubSpot, 70% of marketers use ABM as part of their marketing strategy - a 15% increase from 2020. This shows that implementing an ABM strategy is essential to scaling up your business and, by using HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise, you have robust tools that can help guide your business onto the pathway to success. 

There are many ABM tools you can utilise as part of HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise. Starting with company scoring, you can use this 'rule-based' tool that helps your marketing and sales team identify what accounts they should pursue via scoring companies at scale to determine their value to your business. This is important as it enables your marketing and sales team to prioritise those company accounts, which saves them time not pursuing other company accounts that are simply not interested in your product or services. As a result, your marketing and sales teams can market and close more deals quicker, contributing to an increase in revenue. 

As part of HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise, your marketing and sales team have access to a significant amount of target account reports. This is highly beneficial to scaling your business, as your marketing and sales team are accountable for generating revenue. Therefore, it is vital that your teams have the insight to monitor every process your potential customers are part of. Since you have an abundance of reports for your sales and marketing teams to monitor, will ensure they make better-informed decisions based on the data they have interpreted. They can monitor the deal stage by target account or the source of your target accounts - to name a few. Your sales and marketing team can execute their respective strategies effectively, ensuring you increase your return on investment. 



Adaptive testing  

With adaptive testing (also known as A/B testing) you can create multiple versions of your marketing elements like; forms, call-to-actions, e-mails -to name a few. In addition, HubSpot’s AI-powered machine learning saves you time as you are no longer having to manually measure or set up for an adaptive testing process. The adaptive testing tool allows you to test multiple variations of one element that can measure its conversion rate automatically. Over time, the feature will list a “winner” regarding what version had garnered the better performance.  

Marketing teams can now market with confidence, knowing that they can explore creative ideas and designs against each other. Time is not wasted on e-mail campaigns that cannot resonate with their audience and have to go back to the drawing board. The adaptive testing tool ensures that your marketing team drives traffic and optimise conversion rates - improving efficiency across the board. 

Adaptive testing


Advanced targeting in conversations  

Advanced Convos
Advanced targeting in conversations is an excellent tool as part of HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise as you can create chatbots to find out more about your website visitors. Your marketing team can use the targeting feature to target visitors based on their location, the call-to-action and country - to name a few. This is an integral tool for your marketing teams as they execute a relevant and personalised experience for your potential customers, which can help increase chat engagement. As a result, your marketing team can direct potential customers to your sales team, who can then close the deals. 

Not only that, but you can use segmentation to differentiate how you engage with contacts based on the criteria you choose. Now, your marketing team can segment contacts into workflows that send them content that aligns with their behaviour. This will ensure that it provides potential customers with the right content based on the actions they took. For example, if a contact answered specific questions in a conversation, your marketing team can personalise their experience by exposing them to content that relates to their queries. As a result, it then moved your potential customers down the funnel to your sales team, where your products or services can be sold. 

HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise enables your marketing team to provide your potential customers with the platform to voice their questions. As a result, they have detailed information that is used to create tailored marketing campaigns that can attract more prospects for your business. With a consistent flow of leads being generated by your marketing efforts, your sales team has developed a solid understanding of potential customers that can be leveraged to close deals effectively. 


Increased Capacity 

As your business grows, as does your contact base, so your marketing and sales team need resources to match the demand of the growth of your business, 

It is essential that you can report on how your marketing and sales efforts are performing. By upgrading to HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Enterprise, your marketing and sales team will have access to 500 custom reports, 50 custom dashboards, 1,000 workflows, 300 teams, and more. As your business continues to grow, you will increase these limits in the future. Your marketing and sales team can now effectively report on ROI based on its marketing efforts, which will allow for accurate scaling.

No matter the speed at which your business expands, HubSpot will always help scale up your activities to support business growth by ensuring that your marketing and sales team have the resources to measure their respective campaigns and their performance. 


Higher Capacity


Multi-touch revenue attribution 

The more reports to provide clearer insight on what your data means, the better– HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise provides just that. It is great news when your business closes-win a deals, but understanding the marketing touchpoints that led to the deal can sometimes be overlooked. There are a couple of reasons multi-touch revenue reporting is crucial to your business.  

The first reason is that it details the marketing efforts that contributed to the eventual deal. This is helpful, as it assists managers in determining how to split up budgeting for your marketing and sales team. Understanding the role your marketing and sales efforts contribute can ensure more effective strategic marketing decisions. It achieved this by pinpointing the marketing interactions potential customers took, providing a clearer understanding of how their journey took place. This can help build rapport between your marketing and your sales team, as there will be a steady flow of leads that the sales team can follow up with to close deals. 

Second, there is a great selection of pre-build attribution reports and the option to create reports from scratch. Therefore, your business can keep track of how your marketing strategies are performing and will enable you to tweak strategies to drive more revenue.  



Team-based partitioning  

Keeping information organised and relevant to your respective users and teams is crucial to scaling up your business. With the Partitioning feature inside HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Enterprise, super admins have the control to partition assets that segment what users and teams can view and edit. As part of this package, more assets can be partitioned such as landing pages, workflows, and emails – to name a few.

In addition, HubSpot provides a toggle feature and when turned on, will automatically restrict access to content that is newly created from the creator, the creator’s teams, or other teams within your business. For that reason, marketing teams can stay focused and not become distracted by newly created assets that may not be relevant to them. 

Partitioning Teams

Single sign-on (SSO)

In today's world, having robust security measures in place is critical in keeping your business integrity and information security. There is no room for complacency with data protection. Sometimes, implementing security measures can be extremely expensive. As part of HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise, your marketing and sales team can utilise the single sign-on (SSO) feature - at no extra cost.

This feature eases the burden of your marketing and sales team and creates a favourable user experience. It achieves this by having one password that applies to other sign-ins and saves users time. They can sign on and get straight into their tasks without the sign of hassle and, by only having one password for all systems, decreases the chances of reporting to admins to recover their passwords, which wastes time and money. As a result, you can be confident that you have effective security measures that are in place, saving you time to focus on growing your company. 


Custom objects

HubSpot introduced the custom objects back in 2020, and it has been a welcomed addition to enterprise business. Standard objects comprise contacts, companies, deals, and tickets and contain properties that add value to your object for your marketing and sales team. Custom objects can take any form that is not available as part of the standard object list. This is great for your marketing and sales team since modifications are possible, which include changing the name, properties, and associated objects to create unique objects.

For that reason, your marketing and sales team has full control over their data that is now flexible, improved, and unique. This brings more out of the feature as they can use the data within reports, campaigns and workflows, providing a clear overview of how their efforts are performing. As a result, your marketing and sales team can leverage HubSpot's CRM contact data to create a personalised and automated email campaigns that engage with your potential customers effectively to convert. 

Custom objects are an excellent tool to scale your business as it provides the marketing and sales team the ability to have full control and flexibility over their data that enables them to execute their respective strategies without restrictions. This means their campaigns are more likely to prove effective because of the improved data they are working worth, which turns your leads into customers. 

Custom Objects-2

Email frequency safeguard

As your business gains momentum and generates customers, it can excite your marketing and sales team as it shows that their efforts are working. However, there is a possibility of becoming 'trigger-happy' and overloading emails to leads to move them down the funnel quicker. However, this can be detrimental to your efforts and harm your scalability.

As part of HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise, the email frequency safeguard prevents your contacts from receiving too many emails by setting a limit on how many emails a contact can receive in a specified period. This is essential for your marketing and sales team and it ensures that their efforts are not congesting their contact's inbox, which could lead to an increase in e-mail unsubscribes. 

As a result of your marketing and sales teams providing a steady flow of e-mails that are relevant and engaging, ensure that your contacts are not overwhelmed. This will ensure that unsubscribes are low and that the click-throughs are high, increasing the possibility of your recipients converting - ultimately generating revenue. 

Email frequency


Why should you use HubSpot's Marketing Hub Enterprise today?

It is clear to see the significant number of features available as part of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Enterprise that facilitates in scaling up your business. Your business is now well-equipped to scale and achieve new growth goals with tools that include A/B testing, targeting accounts that will likely become customers, in-depth reporting on marketing touchpoints, and a personalised chatbot experience.


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