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7 Benefits of Upgrading to HubSpot’s Sales Hub Enterprise

Posted by ProsperoHub on October 19, 2022

As your company grows, so does the pool of your potential customers. In what is an ever-changing competitive digital landscape, businesses are now finding ways to overcome each other. It is now as important as ever to provide your sales team the resources to trump the competition to achieve business success.

HubSpot’s CRM is a powerful tool that provides invaluable insight into your prospects, makes repetitive tasks more efficient, and closes more deals faster. Despite HubSpot’s Sales Hub Professional offering a comprehensive amount of resources for your sales team to automate their sales efforts, it might be worth pondering the question, “is it time to upgrade from HubSpot Sales Hub Pro to HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise?”.

Upgrading to this premium HubSpot subscription will offer more extensive features and an increase in cap limits, as a result, your sales team will have access to more features that can increase productivity and efficiency, leading to an increase in closed deals. 


Below are seven benefits when you upgrade to HubSpot's Sales Hub Enterprise today:

Seven key features of HubSpot's Sales Hub Enterprise:

1. Custom Objects

The custom object feature is game-changing for many reasons. Traditionally, HubSpot would only allow users to categorise information into contacts, companies, deals, and ticket objects. With the custom object feature, you have the flexibility to customise objects with relevant properties that align with your business needs. For example, your sales team can now add objects such as calls, marketing events, and more that segments information securely in your HubSpot portal.

Despite the custom objects feature being introduced last year, it can be argued that its potential has not been used to its fullest due to a lack of understanding about what it can offer. Custom objects ensure your data can be structured exactly as you need, helping your business grow while leveraging its uniqueness. In addition, you can measure the performance of custom objects which will provide your sales team with the data they care about immediately. 


Custom Objects-1


2. Sales Analytics 

HubSpot's Sales Hub Enterprise provides an extensive range of analytics and reporting to help sales teams monitor sales trends, measure metrics against goals, and predict future sales performance. With HubSpot Enterprise, you have access to 25 custom dashboards, which is a significant increase from the Professional subscription. For this reason, your sales team can become more granular when measuring their sales performance since they can measure the number of call outcomes, meeting outcomes, number of tasks completed - to name a few.

The sales analytics tool is integral to your sales team as they can track every aspect of the sales process which can therefore be refined if targets are not being met. With a clear overview of sales performance, your sales team can make better-informed decisions that maximise closing deals and generate an increase in revenue. 

Sales Analytics


3. Forecasting  

Forecasting is an extremely powerful tool for sales reps and managers alike, it provides your sales team clear insight into how the sales pipeline is performing. When measuring the performance of your sales pipeline, acting later instead of earlier can be extremely detrimental to your business. With this in mind, forecasting does not only provide insight into how everything is performing but can help predict future results and signalling when potential obstacles may arise. 
The forecasting tool helps provide certainty and helps sales managers make executive decisions without any consequences. For example, your sales team can budget more accurately, manage resources more effectively and aim for realistic but ambitious goal targets that incentivise and increase productivity. That being the case, larger businesses can expect to see high levels of growth as a result.



4. Playbooks


There are four options to choose from within the playbook tool for your sales teamsstart from scratch, call, how-to, and account-based selling. These playbook options can play an integral part in your sales outreach because they can act as an extra member of your team. In other words, your sales team can create questions, answers and keep a log of notes when dealing with prospects and customers. 

With the playbooks tool, your sales team will be prepared to answer any potential questions at a sales meeting. As part of HubSpot's Sales Hub Enterprise, your sales team can create interactive content cards that can be changed at any time. Your sales team can minimise the manual workload and reinvest their time into closing more deals.


5. Sales Engagement Tools 

According to HubSpot, 51% of customers agree that responding promptly contributes to a positive sales experience. Sales sequences is an ideal sales engagement tool to reach out to leads about their behaviour. Contacts can be enroled into sequences that allow you to create personalised, nurturing emails - offering relevant solutions to their needs. Your sales team can now monitor prospect and customer engagement within your business, from opening an email to downloading a piece of content on a website. This creates an opportunity for your sales team to reach out to those promptly to schedule follow-up calls. Below are a few engagement tools that can be utilised in HubSpot’s Sales Hub Enterprise;

  • Templates
  • Email Scheduling 
  • Snippets 
  • Playbooks 

Engagement Tool -Sequences-1

6. Predictive Lead Scoring 

Predictive Score notification

As part of HubSpot’s Sales Hub Enterprise package, predictive lead scoring is an essential tool that involves algorithms and machine learning to determine whether a lead is likely to become a customer over 90 days.

As time passes, the algorithmic and machine learning process becomes more accurate in predicting for your sales team who are the best leads and whether they are likely to close - helping to better optimise future follow-up strategies.

As an added benefit, your sales team is able to generate and follow-up leads with the highest probability of conversion. You will save your sales team the time of chasing contacts who are not interested from the start, and you will reduce the chance of losing out on customers. Now that your sales team has a greater chance of closing their deals, they can sell with confidence.


7. Product Library 

When you have access to a large product library, your sales team can assemble and store a great deal of information. The products can now be arranged into folders so your sales team can easily access the data and refer to it - all in one place. The overall performance of your products can be monitored by associating them with deals you can track. 



Why should you upgrade to HubSpot's Sales Hub Enterprise now?

When you upgrade to the HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise package, you open up a whole host of powerful features inside of HubSpot that will help your sales team sell more efficiently and effectively. With the right tools, your business will be well-prepared for any situation your team is faced with. Sales teams will be able to successfully handle a variety of situations with these tools at any time, converting leads into customers.  


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