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Who Benefits Most from RevOps Strategies?

Posted by ProsperoHub on August 7, 2023

Revenue operations (RevOps) strategies align teams across a business to work towards the same goals and drive revenue 

Marketing, sales, operations, customer service, and finance teams are all brought together in RevOps strategies, with full visibility into the full end-to-end processes planned to achieve business objectives and how their roles contribute. 

An automated CRM software, such as HubSpot, elevates this further, bringing all data, communications, and analysis onto one shared platform for all teams to use and work from – increasing visibility and accuracy, and eliminating the risk of error, miscommunications, and prospects slipping through the cracks. 

Below, we explore which teams and types of organisations most benefit from RevOps strategies: 


Which teams benefit most from RevOps strategies? 


With a fully developed RevOps strategy, your marketing team can successfully tailor their outreach and communications to the specific end goals that help progress prospects to be ready to speak with sales.  

All teams have visibility into the criteria these prospects need to reach, and with a powerful CRM software, such as HubSpot, this is enhanced with a wealth of marketing tools to create contact profiles, lifecycle stages, workflows, and engagement analytics data and dashboards that automatically update and record customer journeys and the success of your campaigns.  

Learn more about HubSpot’s automated marketing tools here. 





With RevOps strategies, there is a clear understanding of the criteria that prospects need to reach before being spoken to by sales. With HubSpot, the process of prospects being passed to sales is automated and based on one single version of data and one record of all communications and engagement an individual has had with your business – removing the risk of misalignments, miscommunications, and errors between marketing and sales. 

RevOps strategies that utilise HubSpot also enable your sales team to create more accurate revenue forecasts and use sales qualification processes such as MEDDIC. It is essential for your team to be able to predict and measure success, flag issues, and qualify opportunities.  

HubSpot also provides a wealth of automated sales tools to further enhance the success of carrying out RevOps strategies, with all efforts aligned in reaching specific goals and closing deals in a unified way. 


Sales forecasting


Operations and customer success

Once a deal is closed and a prospect becomes a customer, your operations and customer success teams must carry out their role in your RevOps strategy and delight the customer through onboarding, delivering an excellent standard of support and guidance, and resolving any potential issues that arise. 

A powerful CRM software, such as HubSpot, improves their ability to do this successfully. The contact profiles in HubSpot allow your teams access to a full, and continually automatically updated, record of all engagement and communications the customer has had with your business thus far. This allows your teams immediate access to understand the problem, what they have asked, what they have been told previously, and enables your teams to resolve issues more quickly with less back and forth and no need for the contact to repeat themselves. 

Being able to delight customers with a first-class product, an efficient, effective process, and an excellent standard of customer service, increases brand trust and customer loyalty, helping your business reach long-term success and business goals. 


customer profile




Finance is another crucial part of a successful RevOps strategy. Your finance team can help keep RevOps strategies progressing towards realistic goals for your monthly recurring revenue (MRR), annual recurring revenue (ARR), total contract value (TCV), and annual contract value (AVC), through advising on the most appropriate way to allocate budget and which teams need more financial support. 

A successful finance team will help to drive cost efficiency, streamline processes, deliver budgets on time, and provide numerical data that equips your business with the tools and insights to drive revenue and growth and remain at the forefront of your industry. With HubSpot, your finance team can oversee the full process of your RevOps strategy in one platform with one version of data analytics and results. 




Which businesses benefit most from RevOps strategies? 

Any organisation that is growth-orientated, or is looking to improve their cost of delivery, can benefit from a RevOps strategy. A well-designed RevOps strategy can help to ensure the future success of a business through establishing financial security from both new and returning customers, and streamlining internal processes to save time and cost efficiency. 

PH blog images - Lizzie (19)RevOps helps organisations of all sizes optimise their efforts to drive revenue in an efficient, effective manner, and can enable them to consistently find new customers and keep existing customers engaged. HubSpot helps to take this one step further, allowing businesses to define their ideal customers and targeting these buyer personas with tailored messaging and outreach.  


Which industries benefit most from RevOps strategies? 

There is not a hard rule on which industries can and cannot benefit from RevOps strategies, however, it is more likely for organisations in the private sector to need RevOps strategies to maintain a competitive edge.  

For many public sector organisations, continually advertising and drawing in a consistent stream of new customers isn’t particularly necessary. However, in the private sector, many organisations’ revenue relies on closing deals with new customers and upselling or renewing deals with existing customers. 

For these businesses, RevOps can align teams to work towards unified, realistic goals, and HubSpot can be another vital element to driving this revenue through aligning the entire business onto one platform to ensure clarity and accuracy. 


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